Incomplete Course Contract
Students are responsible for completing the requirements of courses in which they are enrolled by the end of the
semester. Grades of incomplete will only be given when the student has completed seventy percent (70%)
of the course requirements with a passing grade, and when in the opinion of the instructor, the student has a
valid excuse for not completing on time and there is a reasonable probability the work can be completed in a
reasonable amount of time. The instructor may permit student to continue on an independent study basis for an
additional 5 weeks into the next semester. If the student does not complete the course by the end of the
additional time granted, the grade earned up to that time will be recorded.
The instructor and student agree to the following:
Course__________________________________ Semester ___________________________
Beginning date ___________________________ Ending date _________________________
I. Meetings with the instructor
______ times per week for five (5) weeks. Day _____________ Time __________________
II. Progress
The student will:
Week 1 ______________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________ Completed ______________________
Week 2 ______________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________ Completed ______________________
Week 3 ______________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________ Completed ______________________
Week 4 ______________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________ Completed ______________________
Week 5 ______________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________ Completed ______________________
Contract must be signed by both the student and the instructor.
___________________________________ _____________________________
Student Signature Instructor Signature
Final Grade _________________________