Application and site plan information must be submitted in sufficient adequacy and detail so as
to allow staff determination of compliance with development standards found in the Bay County
Land Development Regulations. All applications for development approval must include the
following information.
1. General Information. All applications for development approval must include the
a. Name, address, telephone, email address and FAX of the applicant.
b. Type of proposed development.
c. Address and legal description of the property for which the application is
being submitted (Note: Properties submitted for a development order
must have an address).
d. Deed, lease, or other legal authorization to use the subject property.
e. Exact directions to the property and a location map.
f. Land use designation of the subject property as shown on the Future
Land Use Map and zone as shown on the Official Zoning Map.
g. Proposed use of the subject property.
h. Boundary Survey including property size in square feet or acres (may be
part of site plan). Must be signed and sealed by a Florida licensed and
certified surveyor.
i. Size (square footage) and dimensions of all proposed structures.
j. Source of water supply, sewage disposal, and stormwater control. If
applicable, concurrency/sufficiency letters from other jurisdictions
providing services to the development will be required.
k. Any other information as required in Chapter 20 to perform concurrency
l. Any applicable county permits required for the project (e.g. drainage
connection, driveway permits, etc.).
2. Site Development Information. Site development details may be provided on
separate sheets and must be drawn at a scale suitable for development review.
Drawings must be submitted on no larger than a 24” x 36” sheet. At a minimum,
all site plans must show the following information. ALL SITE PLAN SHEETS
a. General Information.
i. Owner’s name, address, email address and telephone number;
ii. Name, address, and telephone number of architect or engineer of
iii. Address and legal description of the site;
iv. Location or vicinity map relative to the surrounding area;
v. Scale of drawing and north directional indicator;
vi Zone designation of the site and all adjacent property as shown on
the Official Zoning Map;
vii. Proposed use of the site;
viii. Boundary lines and dimensions of the site;
ix. Names or highway number of all adjacent streets;
x. Locations of all alleys, easements, or other public ways, and
locations of any FDOT or Bay County funded road widening
xi. Locations of permanent structures within fifty (50) feet of the
subject parcel boundary;
xii. Statement of compatibility based upon height, physical function,
and neighborhood land use.
b. Environmental Information.
i. Location and base flood elevation of flood zones if applicable;
ii. Geo-technical information appropriate to the site and type of
development involved;
iii. Wetland areas, if applicable;
iv. Location and type of any in-water construction (docks, seawalls,
v. Location of shoreline using mean high water or ordinary high
water, as applicable;
vi. Location and size of all protected trees;
vii. Location of the Coastal Construction Control Line, if applicable;
viii. Location of Conservation Zones or Ecosystem Management
Areas described in the Comprehensive Plan.
c. Site/Building Information.
i. Total site or lot area and/or lot areas, including lot dimensions, for
subdivided lots;
ii. Proposed residential density (units per acre);
iii. Dimensions of all property lines;
iv. Front, side, and rear yard setbacks relative to property line and
v. Height from grade of all buildings, decks and other structures to
be built on the site;
vi. Percentage of lot coverage (impervious surface ratio);
vii. Location of principle building and all accessory buildings or
viii. Exterior and interior dimensions and shapes of all buildings and
ix. Size (square feet) of all buildings and structures.
x. Show location of any above ground fuel or gas container complete
with setback distances from surrounding structures, right-of-ways
and property lines;
xi. Show finished floor elevation for all proposed structures. For
subdivided lots, show the finished floor elevation of each individual
xii. Show delineation of flood zone areas relative to the location of any
proposed structures per the most recent FEMA Flood Insurance
Rate Map (FIRM);
xiii. Exterior finished materials and colors of all proposed buildings
when applicable (Tourists Corridors);
xiv. Provide data table on site plan that includes, but is not limited to,
impervious surface ratio, floor area ratio, building setbacks,
building height, number of parking spaces, and ITE land use code
with proposed trips;
d. Parking and Vehicular Access Information.
i. Location and names or highway numbers of all adjacent streets
and highways;
ii. Location of right-of-way (ROW) line and ROW distance to
centerline of adjacent streets or highways;
iii. Location, dimensions, and geometry of vehicular connections onto
adjacent streets or highways;
iv. Location, dimensions, and configuration of parking areas including
parking spaces, aisles, and turn-arounds;
v. Location, dimensions, and configuration of required landscaping
vi. Location, configuration, and dimensions of acceleration or
deceleration lanes, when applicable;
vii. Location, configuration, and dimensions of loading zones, when
viii. Type and product designation of parking area construction
ix. Show site distance triangle, per FDOT Index 546, at all
roadway/driveway intersections (also include in landscape plan);
x. Does the project involve outdoor storage of equipment and/or
materials? I so, will the storage area be properly screened in
compliance with LDR Section 3503?
e. Stormwater/Drainage Control Information.
i. Topographic elevations at sufficient intervals to accurately depict
pre and post-development stormwater flow;
ii. Dimensions, configurations, locations, and types of retention
and/or detention structures;
iii. Method of stormwater treatment;
iv. Location, dimensions, and configurations of receiving drainage
v. Design storm frequency/intensity calculations;
vi. Detailed stormwater flow and retention or detention calculations;
vii. Erosion and sediment control measures for both during and after
viii. Grading Plan.
f. Utilities Information.
i. Source of potable water supply;
ii. Location and size of water system including distribution lines and
iii. Location and size of existing or proposed water wells, if
iv. Source and type of sewage disposal;
v. Location and size of sewer system, including collection lines and
vi. Location and design specifications of on-site sewage disposal
systems, if applicable;
vii. Location and description of proposed gas, telephone, electric and
cable lines;
viii. Location, dimensions, configuration, and source of dedication for
all existing and proposed utility easements.
g. Landscaping Plan, The landscaping plan shall be as specified in Section
2803 of this Code (See Chapter 28). General information on the plan
should include:
i. Location and width of all required right-of-way landscaping and
landscape buffers;
ii. Location of all building frontage and parking area landscaping;
iii. Identify species and provide legend key for species type;
iv. Identify irrigation method (irrigation system, hand-water, etc);
v. Show site distance triangle, per FDOT Index 546, at all
roadway/driveway intersections (also include on site plan);
h. Required number of copies. The numbers of copies required for
individual items submitted are as follows:
i. Site Plan At least four (4) copies signed and sealed by a Florida
certified Professional Engineer (P.E.);
ii. Landscape Plan At least two (2) copies prepared by a landscape
professional per LDR Section 2803;
iii. Floor Plan/Elevation Views At least three (3) copies of basic
floor plan and elevation views of proposed structure(s);
iv. Boundary/Topographical Survey At least one (1) copy signed
and sealed by Florida certified surveyor;
v. At least one (1) copy of all other required documentation;
Applications for development approval shall be accompanied by a
landscaping plan
including drawings of landscaped areas as required by LDR
Chapter 28. Any such drawings
shall be of sufficient size and detail so as to
allow for adequate review and shall be
prepared by a landscape architect or
other person authorized pursuant to Chapter 481,
Part II, F.S., as amended.
Landscaping plans shall expire at the time of the
development order. Once
expired, the plans must be resubmitted in full. Landscaping
plans and drawings
shall include the following information.
Date, scale, north arrow, title, project name, owner’s name,
and the
preparer’s name.
Site boundaries and dimensions, location and names of adjacent
location of driveways, and location of underground utilities.
Location of visibility triangles (if applicable).
Natural features such as ponds, streams, shorelines, wetlands, etc.
The natural topography of the land to consider natural drainage features.
The location of all proposed buildings, stormwater retention
parking areas, islands, and medians.
A landscape materials schedule showing the location, species,
height and
spacing of landscaping materials to be planted or
installed, or natural
vegetation to be preserved, and indication of
whether native to Northwest
Florida. The correlation of the location
of plants shall directly relate to the
water requirement each zone
will have so that mixed groupings will not
have differing water
Location and description of irrigation systems pursuant to § 373.62,
9. A tree survey noting the location and description of each protected
tree on the site.
File No.: Date Received:
A. APPLICANT INFORMATION (Please print or type clearly.)
1. Name of applicant:
2. The applicant is the: a) Property owner or b) Authorized agent
(If the applicant is an agent, attach a signed statement from the property owner granting
permission for the agent to act on the owner’s behalf.)
3. Applicant address:
E-mail address: _______________________________________________________
4. Applicant telephone: ( ) Fax: ( )
5. Name of project contact:
6. Project contact address:
Email address: _______________________________________________________
7. Contact telephone: ( ) Fax: ( )
8. Name of person or firm the Development Order is to be issued to (If not same as the
Address of recipient:
E-Mail address: _________________________________________________________
9. Review Fee Amount (Please attach check made payable to “Bay County Planning
and Zoning Division”.)
Standard Development Order $800.00
Subdivisions $900.00
Substantial Deviation $550.00
(For a Substantial Deviation, please attach a narrative citing the approved
Development Order number along with a detailed description of all proposed
changes from the approved Development Order.)
Proportionate Share Mitigation Review $575.00
1. Project name: ________________________________________________________
2. Proposed use of site
3. Number of units (or lots, if subdivision):
4. Proposed density in units per acre:
5. Are proposed roads and easements to be private or dedicated to the County?
dedicated to County private combination (attach explanation)
6. Is this project part of an existing multi-phased development? ______ No
______ Yes; this project is part of
7. Is this project the start of a new multi-phase project? _____ No ______Yes; this is a
multi-phase project anticipated to be developed in phases. This application
is for phase(s) .
DO-1 Bay County Development Order/Substantial Deviation/Subdivision/Proportionate Share Mitigation Review Application
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Revised 10/01/12
8. Has Bay County previously issued any development orders for the subject parcel?
____No ____ Yes If yes, what is status of current Development Order?
9. Total square footage of building(s): _______________________________________
10. Height of tallest building above grade: __ _____
11. If any structure is over 100 feet tall, attach an FAA Determination of No Hazard to
Air Navigation letter.
12. Is this waterfront property: ____ No ____ Yes If yes, to which waterbody is this
property adjacent and what is its classification?
__________________________________________ Class I _____ Class II
Class III Outstanding Florida Water Other
1. Current use of site:
2. Address of site:
3. Property Appraiser's parcel ID #(s)
4. Size of property: (square feet); (acres)
5. Name(s) of adjacent street(s):
North- South-
East - West-
1. Future Land Use Map designation:
2. Future Land Use Map designations of adjacent parcels:
North- South-
East- West-
3. Future Land Use Map Overlay(s) (check all that apply):
_____ Coastal Planning Area _____ Beaches Area _____ Rural Community
______Deer Point Reservoir Protection Zone _____ Bay Point DRI
______Airfield Installation Compatibility Special Use Zone
______Southport Neighborhood Planning Area
_____ Ecosystem Management Area (specify which)
4. Subject property’s zoning district(s):
5. Zoning districts of adjacent parcels:
North- South-
East- West-
E. SITE UTILITIES (check all applicable services)
1. Water system:
Provider: ______________________
Available capacity: _________________________________________________
Note: A copy of the deed with
legal description must be
DO-1 Bay County Development Order/Substantial Deviation/Subdivision/Proportionate Share Mitigation Review Application
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Revised 10/01/12
Demand created by proposed development: _____________________________
2. Sewer system:
Provider: _____________________
Available capacity: _________________________________________________
Demand created by proposed development: _____________________________
3. Septic tank
4. Private well
1. ITE Code & Existing Level of Service (This section is to be filled out for all
projects to determine whether the proposed development meets or exceeds any of the
thresholds listed in Section F.3. of this application necessitating a traffic study. NOTE: If
the project is part of a phase of an overall master development that meets or exceeds
the requirements of Section F.3., a Traffic Impact Analysis will be required)
a. Include trips generated by proposed project using ITE Trip Generation 8
Edition or most current edition.
ITE Code Land Use
Total Number of Units and/or
Sq. Ft. Size of Building
Daily Trips
PM Peak Hour
# of Units Total Sq. Ft.
* If Peak Hour Travel occurs at a different time, please provide documentation
b. If applicable, list credited trips (removed units must be located on same
ITE Code Land Use
Total Number of Units Removed and/or
Sq. Ft. Size of Building Removed
Daily Trips
PM Peak
Hour Trips
# of Units
Sq. Ft.
Total trips credited
New trips added from replacement
Total trips
DO-1 Bay County Development Order/Substantial Deviation/Subdivision/Proportionate Share Mitigation Review Application
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Revised 10/01/12
c. Include the following information for road(s) impacted by the proposed
Road Segment
Peak Hour
Peak Hour
(Note: Information required above may be obtained from the Bay County TPO’s
Congestion Management System and Bay County’s Concurrency Management
System spreadsheet located on the Planning and Zoning website.)
2. 211 / 279 Turn Lane Analysis
a. 211 Left turn lane analysis required: Yes (Attached) _____ No _____
b. 279 Right turn lane analysis required: Yes (Attached) _____ No _____
3. Traffic Impact Analysis
a. A Transportation Study is required if the proposed development meets any of the
following criteria:
Impacts any facility that is at or within 10% of its adopted level-of-service
The proposed development is expected to generate 100 or more peak-
hour trips.
The proposed development meets any of the thresholds listed as 100
peak-hour trips as provided in Table 1 of the Site Impact Handbook
promulgated by the Department of Transportation.
b. Transportation Studies must adhere to requirements of Sections 2008.6 and 7 of
the Land Development Regulations.
4. Proportionate Share Mitigation (To be completed if required after initial review
of Concurrency Application and pre-application meeting)
a. Attach document stating the proposed mitigation strategy including the following:
1. Road segment affected (FDOT concurrence required on SIS facilities
pursuant to LDR Section 3306-5.);
2. Project description, including type, intensity, and amount of development;
3. Phasing schedule (if applicable);
4. Description of requested proportionate fair-share mitigation methods(s),
DO-1 Bay County Development Order/Substantial Deviation/Subdivision/Proportionate Share Mitigation Review Application
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Revised 10/01/12
5. Estimated value of the proposed fair-share mitigation pursuant to Chapter
33 of the Land Development Regulations.
5. Hurricane Evacuation The subject property occurs in the following hurricane
evacuation zone(s) (check all that apply);
_____ Tropical Storm _____ Category 1 Hurricane _____ Category 2 Hurricane
_____ Category 3 Hurricane _____ Category 4-5 Hurricane _____ N/A
1. Flood Zone Type: __VE, ____A, or AE; and Elevation__
2. Protected trees (indicate type and size on site plan)
3. Wetlands: FDEP ACOE
4. Shoreline
5. Coastal Area
6. Aquifer Recharge
7. Wildlife Habitat
An environmental assessment should be included with the application. This assessment
should be prepared by a licensed environmental firm and at a minimum should address
the following:
a) Hazardous materials inspection.
b) Wetland delineation including all wetland buffers. Any recommended mitigation
should be detailed.
c) Characterization of the shoreline habitat and aquatic resources (shellfish, sea
grass beds, etc.)
d) Characterization of the uplands ecosystems and soils
e) Ecosystem characterization threatened and endangered species report, including
recommended mitigation if necessary.
f) Survey of the Florida Master Site File (administered by the Bureau of Historic
Preservation, Division of Historical Resources) to determine the presence of
items of historical, cultural or archaeological significance.
g) Base Flood Elevations (BFE’s) must be on each lot on the site plan.
H. OTHER REQUIRED PERMITS (check all that apply)
1. Dredge and fill ( DEP COE)
2. FDOT (_____Driveway access _____ Drainage _____ Utility)
3. Right-of-way use (_____ Bay County; ____City of __________________)
4. Driveway (_____ Bay County; ____City of __________________)
5. Water well ( NWFWMD Health Dept)
6. ________FDEP water distribution
7. ________FDEP wastewater collection and transmission
8. ________FDEP stormwater
9. ________NWFWMD stormwater
10. ________Drainage connection (Bay County)
DO-1 Bay County Development Order/Substantial Deviation/Subdivision/Proportionate Share Mitigation Review Application
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Revised 10/01/12
11. Septic tank (Health Dept)
12. Mobile home or R/V park license (Health Dept)
13. Other (specify):
I certify that the information contained herein is true and correct and that I am either the
owner of the subject property or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner(s) in all
regards on this matter, pursuant to authorization submitted with this development
application. I hereby represent that I have the lawful right and authority to file this
application. I understand that submission of the form initiates a process and does not
imply approval by Bay County.
I certify that I understand that issuance of a Certificate of Concurrency will require
successful completion of Development Review and no final development order will be
issued except upon successful completion of this Concurrency Review.
I certify my understanding that a thirty (30) foot buffer is required between DEP
jurisdictional wetlands, including water bodies, and any upland development. I
understand that all vegetation must be preserved within the 30 foot buffer with no land
clearing to occur except that a single ten (10) foot wide path may be cleared to provide
access to the water. I further understand that erosion control measures (e.g. hay bales,
silt fence) must be installed at the landward edge of the wetland buffer and along any
ditch or other stormwater control structure prior to any clearing on the site and
maintained throughout construction including final grading. I understand that a County
Development Order does not authorize any land clearing in jurisdictional wetlands and
that permits must be obtained from the Department of Environmental Protection and/or
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for development activities in wetlands.
By signing this application, the owner authorizes Planning and Zoning Division staff to
access the subject property to verify information contained in this application and
accompanying submittal documents. Further, the person named as the Project Contact
is authorized on my behalf (if applicable).
Owner’s or Authorized Agent’s signature Date
(Please Print or Type Name)
DO-1 Bay County Development Order/Substantial Deviation/Subdivision/Proportionate Share Mitigation Review Application
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Revised 10/01/12