Student Name: ID #:
Local Address:
Associate Degree Major:
Date Associate Degree to be awarded:
I would like to participate in Commencement for my associate degree.
I do not wish to participate in Commencement for my associate degree.
I am currently a bachelor degree student and would like my credits evaluated for the associate degree
program listed above. Please review my academic records to determine whether I have/will have met all
requirements for the associate degree.
Date Signature
This form must be submitted no later than one semester before the student is eligible to earn the
bachelor degree. No student may earn an associate degree and a bachelor degree in the same semester.
A graduation fee will be billed in the semester the student graduates. The non-refundable $50 fee covers
the cost of degree evaluations, the diploma, diploma cover and ceremony.
Submit this form to the Registrar’s Office, Knapp Hall room 100/101.
Copies: Registrar, Student, School Office
(May not be signed digitally.)