B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduation Checklist
Student’s Name: _______________________ Anticipated Graduation Year: ___________________
Biology Courses
All BMB majors must complete the four required courses in Biology listed below along with two elective courses for a total
of six courses. *Electives must be Category II Biology Courses and one of the two electives must be at the 300 level or
BIO 111 ___________ BIO 112 ___________ BIO 209 ___________
(General Biology I) (General Biology II) (Genetics)
CHE 309/BIO 409 ___________*BIO Elective #1_____________________ *BIO Elective #2 _______________________
Chemistry Courses
All BMB majors must complete the five required courses in Chemistry listed below along with one elective course for a total
of six courses. *The elective course must be one from the approved list.
CHE 120 ___________ CHE 140 ___________ CHE 220 ___________
(Chem. Prin. of Org. Molecules) (Reactions of Organic Molecules) (Quantitative Chemical Analysis)
CHE 303 ___________ CHE 305 or CHE 306 ___________ CHE Elective #1 ________________________
(Chem. of Bio. Compounds) (Chemical Therm. and Kinetics or
(Quantum Chem. and Spec.)
Additional Required Courses
BIO 392 ________________________ CHE 491 ________________________
(Biology Junior Seminar) (Chemistry Senior Seminar)
BMB SCE ________________________
Ancillary Courses
MAT 201 ________________________ MAT 202 ________________________
(Differential Calculus) (Integral Calculus)
PHY 111 or PHY 101 ________________________ PHY 112 or PHY 102 ________________________
(General Physics I or College Physics I) (General Physics II or College Physics II)
Sample Category II Biology Electives
BIO 203 Microbiology
BIO 205 Cell Biology
BIO 302 Developmental Biology
BIO 314 Biotech & Molecular Bio
BIO 404 Immunology
BIO 394, 494 Approved Special Topics in Biology
Sample Advanced Chemistry Electives
CHE 210 Environmental Chemistry
CHE 240 Chemistry of the Elements
CHE 204 Greener Art through Greener Chemistry
CHE 305 Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CHE 306 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
CHE 310 Greener and Sustainable Chemistry
CHE 314 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CHE 320 Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry
CHE 340 Organic Mechanisms and Synthesis
CHE 403 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHE 405 Biophysical Methods
CHE 410 Fundamental of Materials Science
CHE 394, 494 Approved Special Topics in Chemistry
Approved Research Experience