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Re-declaration of compliance checklist
This checklist has been designed to help you complete your re-declaration of
compliance online. It shows you all of the information you will need and where
you can find it.
You must complete your re-declaration of compliance to tell us how you have met
your legal duties.
You need to provide all of the information below to the regulator. Make sure you
start your re-declaration ahead of your deadline because the information you will
need may take time to prepare.
You must complete your re-declaration
within five months of the third
anniversary of y
our duties start date or
staging date if this is your first
re-declaration, or your previous
re-enrolment date for subsequent
Information youll need to provide Guida
nce notes
Letter code from The Pensions Regulator Your unique 10-digit number shown at the top of each re-enrolment
letter you receive from us. If you’re acting on behalf of more than one
employer, you’ll need the unique letter code for each one.
Your contact details Your name, address, telephone number and email address.
Your relationship to the employer For example, accountant, or financial adviser. If you are the employer
please state ‘Employer.
Name of the employer The organisation or person who employs sta.
1. Companies House number
2. Industrial and provident society number
3. Registered charity number
4. VAT registration number
You only need to complete one of these if you have it. If you don’t have
any of these then tick the series of boxes stating that you don’t have
Employer contact details The name and job title of the owner or most senior person at the
employer. This could be the person who employs a personal care
assistant or someone to help them in the home. This must not be the
name of an agent or third party completing a re-declaration on the
employer’s behalf.
Employer email address The Pensions Regulator will send all ocial documents and legal
notices to you by post.
If you agree, we may also send them by email.
Employer correspondence address Your main address or your registered company address.
PAYE scheme reference(s) for all PAYE
schemes the employer uses
If you operate more than one PAYE scheme, you must provide details
for each of them. The PAYE Reference can be found on letters you
have received from The Pensions Regulator about re-enrolment.
Alternatively, it can be found on the letter HMRC sent you when you
first registered as an employer, or from your payroll software package.
Type of pension scheme(s) used for
automatic enrolment (personal or
If you are unsure what type of scheme you have then please contact
your pension scheme.
Note: NEST is an occupational pension scheme.
Employer pension scheme reference
This is your unique pension scheme reference, which can be found on
any correspondence from your pension provider. For NEST it is the
‘employer NEST ID’ or for other schemes it may also be described as
the group policy number.
You can find this reference on correspondence from your pension
scheme. If in doubt, please contact your pension scheme.
Information youll need to provide Guidance notes
Pension scheme registry number (PSR) You will need this for all pension schemes except NEST. This
is an 8-digit number starting with 1. Your pension scheme
should have provided this to you already. If in doubt please
contact them.
Name and address of the pension scheme(s) used
or automatic enrolment
If you do not have a PSR you must complete this section.
Your re-enrolment date The date on which you must assess your sta to see if any
eed to be put back into your pension scheme. If this is your
first re-declaration, this will be the third anniversary of your
duties start date or staging date, or later date if you chose
The total number* of sta employed on your
e-enrolment date
This is the number of sta you employed on your re-
enrolment date. This includes personal care assistants and
people employed to help you in your home.
The number* of sta you had to put back into a
ension scheme
This is the number of sta you had to put into a pension
scheme who were previously a member but opted out or
ceased membership and are eligible to be put into a scheme
on the re-enrolment date.
Don’t include anyone who asked to join your pension
scheme or who was already in a pension scheme on your
re-enrolment date.
The number* of sta who were already members of
pension scheme (on your re-enrolment date)
This is the number of people who, on your re-enrolment
date, were already in a pension scheme that you have set
up for them. This will include anyone that you had to put
into a scheme on your duties start date or staging date, or
who were already in a scheme on your duties start date or
staging date, or who opted in since the duties start date or
staging date. They will have remained in the scheme and
NOT opted out or ceased membership.
Are you using the defined benefit transitional
This won’t apply to the majority of employers - if you have
used this, you should be aware of your transitional period. If
you have not used this please enter ‘No’.
The number* of sta who do not fall into the
above categories
Everybody else who worked for you on your re-enrolment
date that you haven’t already told us about. This includes
those who are able to ask to join a scheme but have not
done so. This must not include anyone who started working
for you after your re-enrolment date.
*Please provide accurate gures where we ask for numbers or gures to be provided.
Top tips
1. Make sure you’re prepared – you’ll need all of the information on this checklist.
2. This is your responsibility as an employer – don’t assume an agent, third party or your pension scheme will do it for you.
3. Start ahead of time with information you already know – anything you add can be saved at any time.
4. If you have to put staff into a pension scheme, complete your re-declaration as soon as you’ve done this.
5. Only tell us about pension schemes you’ve used to put your staff into for automatic enrolment.
6. Make sure you know about and tell us about every PAYE scheme you use.
This checklist is designed to help you comply with your legal duties under the Pensions Act 2008 and Regulations. While we
an oer guidance, this checklist should not be regarded as a substitute for, or definitive interpretation of, the law. If you have
any doubts about your legal duties then you should seek legal or other specialist advice.
© The Pensions Regulator May 2020
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