University of Wisconsin Service Center Human Resource System
Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll
The University of Wisconsin System distributes pay to the direct deposit accounts you designate below or through the Focus Pay Card.
Select One:
Biweekly Payroll (Classified/LTE/Student/Unclassified Hourly appointments)
Monthly Payroll (Faculty, Academic Staff, Teaching and Research Assistant appointments)
Effective Date:
As Soon As Possible
Future Pay Date: ______________
Employee Information | You are highly encouraged to complete this form online, print, and sign it; or please print legibly to prevent delays.
Name (Last, First, MI): _____________________________________________________
Payroll Empl ID OR
Social Security Number (Last 4 Digits Only): ________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________ Email Address:
Primary Account | Required: Your paycheck or the balance is deposited in this account after the % or $ amount is deducted from the accounts listed below.
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No Change
Account Type
(Select one):
ABA Transit Routing Number:
Account Number:
Name of Financial Institution: _____________________________________________________
Financial Institution City, State:
Second Account | Optional: Use to designate a percentage or dollar amount for an account other than the primary.
Select one:
No Change
Account Type
(Select one):
ABA Transit Routing Number:
Account Number:
Name of Financial Institution: _____________________________________________________
Financial Institution City, State:
Third Account | Optional: Use to designate a percentage or dollar amount for an additional account.
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No Change
Account Type
(Select one):
ABA Transit Routing Number:
Account Number:
Name of Financial Institution: _____________________________________________________
Financial Institution City, State:
Check this box if the entire amount of your direct deposit is ultimately deposited to a financial institution outside of the United States.
Read statement carefully: I authorize the University of Wisconsin to direct deposit funds to my account in the financial institution listed above. If funds to which I am not entitled are deposited in
my account, I authorize the University to initiate a correcting (debit) entry. I understand that the authorization may be rejected or discontinued by the University at any time (see back for
details). If any of the above information changes, I will promptly complete a new authorization agreement. If the direct deposit is not stopped before closing an account, funds payable to you will be
returned to the University for distribution. This will delay your check.
Employee Signature: _______________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________ (mm/dd/yyyy)
P100.20190409 Additional information is on the reverse side.
For Office Use Only
Identification verified by (Name):
Direct Deposit of Payroll
Note: Student Hourly employees are required to sign
up for direct deposit as a condition of employment.
As an employee of the University of Wisconsin System,
you are provided the convenience and security of having
your pay automatically deposited into your personal bank,
credit union or financial institution account.
Automatic deposit of your pay into the personal account of
your choice means you can:
Be assured your pay will be deposited on payday
even when you are on vacation or out of town.*
Eliminate the danger of lost or stolen pay cards.
*While most financial institutions post funds to
accounts at the beginning of the bank business day,
this is not a universal practice. It is strongly
recommended that you check with your financial
institution to determine when you funds will be
You may choose up to three (3) accounts, savings and/or
checking, to have your pay directly deposited as long as
the following conditions are met:
Your financial institution(s) is located in the USA
or Puerto Rico and is a member of the Automated
Clearing House Association (ACHA); and
100% of your net pay is committed to direct
Tips on Providing Checking Account Information
Check Example:
Routing Number
(Exactly 9 digits)
Account Number
Do not include your check number, which appears to the
right of both your Routing Number and your Checking
Account Number. Your check number will match the
number printed at the upper right corner of your check.
Do not use the routing number at the bottom of a
deposit slip as this number may not be correct.
It is recommended that you check with your financial
institution to verify the routing number for direct deposit.
Incorrect routing and account information may cause a
delay in receiving your funds.
This layout applies only to personal checking accounts
and not to money market accounts. You will need to
contact your money market advisor to get the necessary
information for a money market account.
Common Questions about direct deposit:
How do I know that a deposit has been made to my
Your earnings statement will show how much you have
earned, a detail of your deductions, and how much has
been deposited to your account(s). Your financial
institution will show the deposit on your monthly
Where do I find my earnings statement?
Your earnings statement can be found in the Payroll
Information app in the MyUW portal located at
UW-Madison employees
should use MyUW Madison at:
When will direct deposit begin?
The first pay period after the Payroll Office receives your
direct deposit authorization form. Keep in mind that most
payrolls are processed up to one week prior to the actual
pay date. Please verify with your financial institution on
your pay date that your direct deposit has gone into effect.
When will my pay be deposited into my account?
Your pay will be deposited into your account(s) on your
pay day. Funds will not be available prior to that date.
What do I do if I want to change financial
institutions or accounts once I am enrolled in the
If you change your financial institution or account, you
must complete a new authorization form as soon as
possible. You must include all of your accounts on the
new form, even those accounts for which you are not
making changes. For these accounts, simply provide the
required information and check the “No Change” box.
What will happen to my direct deposit if I cancel my
account with my financial institution but don’t
cancel my direct deposit with the University of
Wisconsin prior to the payroll being processed?
Your direct deposit will automatically be sent as though
the account(s) were open. All funds submitted to the
closed account will not become available until such funds
are returned to the University of Wisconsin System by the
financial institution. A pay card or paper check will then be
issued. This may delay your payment.
Can I direct deposit my pay into more than one
financial institution account?
Yes. If you choose to direct deposit into two or three
accounts, you must designate one account as your
primary account and the others as a second and third
account. The second and third accounts will require either
a fixed amount or a percentage of net pay. Your pay will
be split into the multiple accounts with the fixed and or
percentage amounts deposited first and all remaining pay
deposited to the primary account (unless 100% of your
pay is deposited into the second and third accounts).
Does it matter whether I designate my savings
account as my primary account?
No. You may direct deposit into a checking or savings
account, or any combination of up to three accounts.
If I have been gone for a period of time (or
terminated employment) and return to work, do I
need to complete a new form? (Examples: leave of
absence without pay, sabbatical leave, etc.)
Possibly. Your direct deposit will remain active for up to
fifteen months with no payroll activity. After that period of
time all direct deposits will be inactivated and new forms
will be required. Please note: If your financial institution or
account numbers have changed, it is imperative that you
submit a new direct deposit form.
Do I need to submit a new direct deposit form if I
am changing departments?
No, your existing authorization form will remain in force.
Why would my direct deposit not be processed?
Possible reasons the entry of this information may be
Writing is illegible.
Missing data.
Primary Account Net Pay amount is less than full
Net Pay and missing Second Account information.
Form received too late for processing prior to
bi- weekly or monthly final payroll calculation
Your completed form is received by email.
Form has not passed campus identity validation.
Where do I submit my completed form?
UW-Madison employees should submit their form in
person to: Office of Human Resources
21 N. Park St., Suite 5101
Madison, WI 53715
All other employees should submit their completed form
to their central payroll office: