To Whom It May Concern
James Cook University (JCU) has a policy of requiring authorised Purchase Orders being in place for all purchases that are not made
by credit card or are not otherwise subject to a fully executed supply contract. The following will assist in ensuring payment of
your Tax Invoices in a timely manner:
A valid Purchase Order Number or Contract Number MUST be quoted on the Tax Invoice. A purchase order should be
provided at the time the order is being placed. If it is not provided please ask for it PRIOR to acting on the purchase request.
A valid purchase order number will be in the format 02000XXXXX and a valid contract number will be in the format 10XXXX.
Tax Invoices received, which do not show a valid Purchase Order number or Contract number, will be returned to you unpaid.
You will be required to follow up with the relevant contact person to acquire the necessary details to facilitate payment.
Before supplying any goods or services to JCU it is important that you receive a valid Purchase Order and confirm that it
includes all goods, services and other charges that will be invoiced including freight.
Unless there is an underlying fully executed contract of supply with JCU in place prior to the supply of goods or services the
Purchase Order including terms and conditions is the University’s contract with you for the supply of goods and / or services.
JCU considers the fulfilment of a purchase order as acceptance of the completeness and accuracy of the charges and its
terms and conditions. If you disagree with either the nature, value or terms and conditions of supply this must be resolved
BEFORE fulfilling the order.
A valid Australian Business Number (ABN) must be clearly marked on the Tax Invoice.
All invoices must be emailed to Payment terms will not start calculating until a valid tax
invoice is received by Accounts Payable.
Invoices must be addressed to James Cook University (not a College, Directorate, Unit or Division) and should NOT be given
or sent to individual JCU employees.
All invoice and payment queries must be directed to Accounts Payable by phone 07 4781 5010 or emailed to
Any change to vendor details must be emailed directly to
All queries regarding this letter, the attached form and / or the terms and conditions of supply should be directed to the
Procurement Office by phone 07 4781 4169 or emailed to
All discussion about the nature and pricing of goods or services ordered must be directed to the JCU Officer who placed the
Important Contact Information
Submission of Invoices for Payment
Invoice and Payment Queries 07 4781 5010
Supplier detail Queries/Changes 07 4781 5463
Terms and Conditions of Supply Queries 07 4781 4169
JCU’s standard payment terms are 30 days from date of valid Tax Invoice, unless subject to the Building and
Construction Industry Payments Act 2004.
Payments are only made via direct deposit.
Physical Address:
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James Cook University
Australian Creditor Details Form
Please ensure all details entered below are consistent with your Company's Tax Invoice
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Please print, sign, scan and email completed and authorised forms to:
Privacy Statement
James Cook University recognises the importance of protecting your personal information and organisation information. The University will use the information you provide
on this form for the purpose of ensuring payment of your invoices is electronically transferred to your nominated bank account. Your rights to access and amend your personal
information are set out in the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) which also places obligations on the University as to how we handle your personal information. Please also
see the University’s Information Privacy Policy at, for information about how to access and
amend your personal information held by the University.
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