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Audit a Course Request
Revised 3/23/2020
Audit Status is a reasonable alternative for a student who wants to take a particular course, but
does not have the proper background. Students who audit a course pay the same tuition and fees they
would if they opted for a grade. However, they receive no academic grade or grade points, and the
course may not be included in the credits needed for full-time status for financial aid purposes.
Although no final grade is submitted, students do have the right to take exams, write papers, and have them
Students may register as auditors, or change from credit to audit, any time before the end of the third week
of classes. However, the deadline for changing back to a traditional grade is the end period for adding or
dropping courses. Prior to auditing, students must discuss with the instructor the criteria for a
successful audit and receive the written approval of the instructor.
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