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Law Library Attorney Membership
Individual membership (Annual fee: $120.00)
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Please read and sign the back of this page to agree to the terms and conditions.
For questions or more information, contact the Law Library at 561-355-2928.
- Discount on printing (15-cents per page)
- Ability to check out a up to two books (from a limited selection) for 1 week at a time
Free exhibit label sheet and 50% off additional sheets
- 25%
discount on Florida Bar CLE rentals plus no deposit required
$5 fee waived for email delivery service and free faxes
(up to 10 pages)
Free TV/DVD rental and 50% off all other
courtroom equipment rentals
provides Westlaw and internet access
Access to an attorney member room, located inside the main law library, which
Our attorney members enjoy the following benefits:
Attorney Member Benefits:
Palm Beach County Law Library Terms and Conditions
1. Attorney members are responsible for any items checked out (ex: CLEs and
books), including late fines for items not returned on time ($1.00/day for books and
$5/day for CLEs), and replacement fees for items that are damaged or lost.
2. Food is not permitted in the library or attorney member room, but drinks in
enclosed containers with lids are permitted.
3. The attorney member room cannot be reserved and use of it is on a first come,
first served basis. The attorney member room accommodates up to two attorney
members at a time.
4. The library is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the attorney
member room or any other part of the law library.
5. The attorney member room cannot be used to meet with non-members or clients.
6. In the event that the attorney membership program is terminated, no refunds will
be given.
I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions
Applicant's Signature Date
Membership Dues: $120 annually ($60 for each additional attorney in firm)
Make checks payable to: Palm Beach County Law Library
Send payment along with this signed form (vial mail or in person) to:
Palm Beach County Law Library
205 North Dixie Highway, Room 1.2200
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Internal Use Only (Please initial and check off as completed)
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good for one year)