Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
At the end of each semester, students will be taking final exams. Final exams will be administered according to the
schedule below. Students must report to school during exam sessions for the classes in which they are currently
enrolled. However, students need not attend school during exam sessions for all other subject areas. We will be
providing supervision for students who need to be in school at times when they do not have exams scheduled. North
Montco students will not report to North Montco during the final exam schedules. North Montco students will be
expected to take their exams as scheduled.
All students require parent permission to be excused from sessions for which they have no exams.
Bell Schedule for First Semester and Second Semester Exams
7:40 -9:20
9:30 11:00
11:00 11:30
11:35 1:05
1:15 2:45
If you give your student permission to be excused from school as described, please complete the form below and
submit it to his or her 5
Block teacher at the start of school.
The school district will not provide additional transportation for students during the school day on final exam days.
Morning and afternoon buses will run as normally scheduled.
*In the event of school cancellation(s), the final exam dates
may be postponed one day for each day of school cancellation.
I understand that the school district will not be providing extra transportation for students on these days.
I give permission for the student below:
To be excused when not taking First Semester exams
To be excused when not taking Second Semester exams
For my student to arrive late on Keystone Exam days (11
and 12
grade only)
____________________________ ___________
Student Name (print clearly) Grade Parent Signature Date
Additional information KEYSTONE EXAMS:
SAHS students will be taking the Keystone Exams on various dates in December, January, and May. Juniors and seniors who
were previously proficient on Keystones, with parent permission, will be permitted to arrive after the testing session each day.
An abbreviated class schedule will follow each testing session.