Associate Degree Petition -- Plan A
(To be completed after 30 degree-applicable units)
NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Print clearly and EXACTLY as you want your legal name to appear on the diploma
TELEPHONE #: _____________________________________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________
STUDENT ID #: _________________________
(12 units must be completed at Santiago Canyon College with 6 of those in the Academic Program.)
_____________________________________________________ / _______________ CATALOG YEAR _________________
Academic Program Program Code Must be one of continuous enrollment or current catalog
This petition is for a degree to be awarded at the end of the following semester: December
Have you attended any other colleges or universities?
If yes, list all the institutions attended: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
All official transcripts from other colleges or universities must be on file at Santiago Canyon College to process the petition
General Education Requirements Academic Program Requirements
List Courses Grade
List Courses Units Grade
A Natural Sciences
B1 American Institutions
B2 Social Science Elective
C Humanities
D Cultural Breadth
English Com
/Analytical thinking
Lifelong Understanding
F2 Exercise Science activity
(Must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.)
G1 Math Skills
G2 Reading Skills
G3 Oral Communications Skills
G4 Computer Skills
No _________
Please initial
I certify that the information above provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Student’s Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: _________________
(Petitions received after the deadline will be processed for the following semester)
I give my permission to have my name printed in the commencement brochure
and Board of Trustee docket.
SCC | GRAD DEPT | TG 07/22/2020
CLEAR - Majors
Instructions for Completing the Petition to Graduate form – Plan A
Name: Write your name as you want it to appear on your diploma. Must use legal name.
(Examples: John Doe, Jonathon Doe, John H. Doe Jr., John Henry Doe)
Address: Keep your address current in our computer system. Your diploma and commencement information
will be sent to that address. You can go online to change your address.
Student ID #: You must include either your Student ID number
Degree: Check this box to indicate the petition is for an associate degree
Academic Program: List the major you intend to complete at Santiago Canyon College
Program Code: The program code can be found in the catalog
Catalog Year: Use current catalog year. If you want to use catalog rights to a previous year, write the catalog
year you want the Graduation Office to use when processing your petition
Petition for degree to be awarded at the end of the following semester: What semester will you have all of
the degree requirements met? You must also meet the appropriate deadline.
Have you attended any other colleges or universities:
We need official transcripts from all schools you attended other than Santiago Canyon or Santa Ana
College. Official transcripts are needed even if the coursework will not be used toward your degree.
General Education Requirements:
List the subject and number of the course fulfilling each area and the grade you received for that course.
Use the catalog and a copy of your transcript to complete this section
Academic Program Requirements:
List the courses required for your major as listed in the catalog.
Use the columns to indicate the unit value of the course and the grade you received.
Commencement Brochure:
Even if you do not participate in commencement (graduation ceremony) your name can still be included in
the commencement program brochure. If you want your name included in the commencement program
brochure, please indicate “Yes” and initial. If you do not want your name to be included please indicate
“No” and initial. If you do not complete this section your name will be printed in the commencement
program brochure.
Sign and date the petition:
Submit the completed petition to the Admissions and Records Office.
Do you have questions about what will transfer, what major you should complete, or specific questions
about coursework already completed?
Please make an appointment to see a counselor.
Be aware of the deadlines for submitting petitions
(petitions received after the deadline will be processed for the following semester)
SCC | A&R DEPT | Rev. JT 9/28/2016