Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program
Transfer Instructions
Richland Community College | One College Park | Decatur, Illinois 62521
Thank you for your interest in transferring to Richland Community College ADN Program. This document describes
process and policies the ADN Program adheres to in admitting prospective transfer students. Please read the entire
document before completing the required forms.
Richland Community College ADN Program Policy on Prospective Transfer Students
ADN prospective transfer students are defined as students who have successfully completed with a “C” or better nursing
core coursework at another institution and are seeking transfer admission into the program. Transfer students must
complete a minimum of two semesters of core nursing courses at Richland Community College.
Equivalent credit for previous nursing coursework is not automatically granted. Students may be asked to complete
competency testing and/or successfully pass the corresponding standardized exam in order to obtain equivalent credit
for the transfer coursework. An offer of admission is only granted if the required scores are met and if space in the
course/semester is available. The prospective transfer student is responsible for test fees. Fees vary by test.
All required forms, transcripts, and supportive documentation must be received by September 1st to be
considered for spring admission.
To be considered for transfer admission, please complete the following steps.
STEP ONE: Enrollment Services
Visit the Student Success Center in N117 or (choose Apply Now) to complete an
Admission Information Form
RequestandsubmitHighSchool,GED,andothercollegetranscriptstothe Office of Student
Meetwitha coachinthe Student Success Center toreviewthemyRichlandPre-AdvisementPlanto
determineifall program prerequisites are met.
STEP TWO: Health Professions Web Site at
ADN prospective transfer students must meet the minimum admission criteria of the generic students, including being
listed as a Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Health Care Worker Registry.
STEP THREE: Application Forms
CompletethetopportionoftheEvaluationofNursingEducationform and provide to your Nursing Program
personal providing evaluation
All required forms, transcripts, and supportive documentation must be received by September 1st
FOUR: Review
All completed transfer applications are due by September 1st for review and consideration
The Nursing Program Director or designee will contact regarding any additional information or testing
that may be needed
Ethical Standard Requirements
Richland Community College | One College Park | Decatur, Illinois 62521
Background Checks
Richland Community College’s clinical sites require students to submit to a background check prior to entering their
institutions. Students enrolled in the LPN Bridge Program, as active Licensed Practical Nurses with no disciplinary action
cited by the State, will not be required to submit to another background check.
As active CNAs, students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program have completed the background check
requirement. However if the background check listed on the Health Care Worker Registry is not a FEE APP background
check, the student may be asked to submit a letter of employment verifying their CNA is active. If a student requires a
Please note: the background check requirements for the Health Care Worker Registry differ from those of the Illinois Board
of Nursing. In the final semester of the ADN Program, students who are not current Licensed Practical Nurses must submit
Therefore, students with a past criminal history (including those with an IDPH waiver) or who have changed in status while
in program, should verify they meet the licensure requirements before pursuing the ADN degree.
Professional Integrity in Program
Conduct standards for nursing are higher than those of the ordinary student or citizen because of the inherent
responsibilities assumed by the nursing role and the trust the public places on the nursing profession to do no harm.
Therefore, honesty is considered essential for the practice of nursing and Richland Community College nursing students
will be held to the higher standard. For example, a student who cheats, plagiarizes, intentionally misleads, engages in
unethical, immoral or illegal behavior, or furnishes false or misleading information to the college or on a client record or
assignment, is subject to disciplinary action up to and including failure of a class or suspension/expulsion from the
Cheating is defined as using informational notes or copying from another person in the completion of papers, projects,
examinations, and assignments. If the student is using past test questions and answers for study materials that have not
been cleared by the instructor, the student is cheating.
Students entering nursing are expected to follow the nursing code of ethics. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal from
the program. Students are accountable for their own actions. Students are to inform the instructors of any unethical or il-
legal behavior, as well as any clinical error or accident. Students are encouraged to be conscientious and exercise
responsibility in their work. The student should consult the instructor when difficulties are encountered with the course
work and/or attendance.
Associate Degree Nursing Program
Application for Transfer
Richland Community College | One College Park | Decatur, Illinois 62521
Last First MI Maiden(ifapplicable)
Home Address
Street City State/Zip
Daytime Phone Evening Phone
RCC Student ID # Date of Birth
Is your certification as a CNA active? Yes No
Previous Nursing Program(s) (please attach another sheet, if needed)
Name of School
City State Phone Number Attended From To
Type of Program: ADN BSN
Courses Requested for Transfer Credit:
NURS112 Medical-SurgicalNursingIConceptsBasictoNursingPractice
NURS152 PsychiatricMentalHealthNursing
NURS 154 Pharmacological Principles for Nursing Practice
NURS155 Medical-SurgicalNursingIICareoftheChronicallyIIIClient
Have you ever been suspended, dismissed, or expelled from an educational program that you have attended?
Yes No
By placing my signature below, I declare I have read and understand the ADN Program Ethical Standard Requirements. I
also declare that I have presented an accurate assessment of my eligibility for admission to Richland Community College
ADN Program. Should I provide misleading or inaccurate information regarding my eligibility, I will not be extended admis-
sion, have my offer of admission rescinded, or be dismissed from the program.
Student Signature Date
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Evaluation of Nursing Education
Richland Community College | One College Park | Decatur, Illnois 62521
Applicant’s Printed Name
Student, please read & sign: Under the Federal Law entitled the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA),
students have the right to inspect their records. We believe that evaluations written in confidence more accurately assess
a student’s performance and attributes, but will consider all submitted. Please carefully read both statements below and
sign your name after the first statement if you agree to not review this form or after the second if you wish to inspect it.
I waive my right to review the content of this form.
Applicant’s signature Date
I do NOT waive my right to review the content of this form.
Applicant’s signature Date
Person Providing Evaluation: The person listed above is applying for transfer admission to the Richland Community
College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program and requests your evaluation of the items below. The information you
provide will be used by Richland Community College Nursing Program Director to address any academic or clinical
weaknesses. The evaluation will not be shared with faculty members or used to determine admission.
Please complete and return this form by . A delay in returning the form
could result in the person’s transfer application not being considered. Directions for return are on the next page.
Student’s Date of Attendance
Attended From To
Reason for student’s withdrawal/dismissal (Please check all that apply):
Student’s choice
HIPAA Violation
Nursing Program Code of Conduct Violation
Clinical Performance
Please provide explanation of the withdrawal/dismissal.
Would you readmit this student to your program
Yes No? If your response is no, please explain.
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Person completing recommendation:
Name & Title
Daytime Phone Number Email
Signature Date
Please do NOT return to applicant. Mail or fax to:
Tony Crystal
Assistant to the Dean, Health Professions
Richland Community College
One College Park
Decatur, IL 62521
Fax Number: 217.875.7220
Any questions regarding this form can be directed to:
Tony Crystal
217.875.7211 ext 6753
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