Veterans Education
Assistance Fund
Criteria and Application
The Veterans Education Assistance Fund is designed to provide critical financial support for men and women
who served as members of the U.S. Armed Forces and who have enrolled at Lake Michigan College. Priority in
selection for recipients is reserved for those who, because of special circumstances, need extra financial
support beyond that provided by the G.I. Bill.
The fund is intended to recognize that those who have so bravely served our country, often have limited
resources, minimal support and are in financial stress particularly during the transition from active duty to
civilian life. The Veterans Education Assistance Fund is intended to provide a safety net to veterans continuing
their education at Lake Michigan College, meeting their unique needs and assisting them to complete their
chosen academic programs.
Students who are in need of financial assistance may submit an application and supporting documentation to the
office of the Dean, Student Affairs. Funds are distributed with an average range of $50 to $1500. Applicants
may be required to meet with the Dean of Student Affairs to discuss their application.
The number of students who can be served by the Veterans Education Assistance Fund is subject to the
availability of funds. The fund is sustained by continual contributions from students, alumni, parents, faculty,
staff and friends of the College. Those who benefit from the fund are encouraged to contribute to the fund, once
their education is complete, assisting those who may face similar struggles.
Financial assistance may be provided from the fund for the following:
Tuition not covered by other forms of assistance
Temporary coverage for late benefits
Books and other essential academic necessities not covered by other forms of assistance
Costs associated with tutoring or other counseling and assistance.
Items that may assist in accommodating a disability
Unanticipated transportation and living expenses that may be barriers to educational success.
To be considered for Veterans Education Assistance Funds, the student must first meet the following criteria:
Student must be an honorably discharged veteran, currently serving in the armed forces or reserves, or a
dependent of a veteran or someone currently serving
Priority will be given to veterans who, because of special circumstances, need extra financial support.
Must be a student in good standing as defined by Financial Aid at the beginning of the semester
Must have no other overdue debt to the College
Must be an in-district resident
U.S. citizen or permanent resident
Student can receive funding once per academic year with a lifetime cap of 2 disbursements.
The maximum Veterans Education Assistance Fund award is $1500. Lake Michigan College retains the right to determine
the amount that each individual may receive.
Application Process
The application must be completed and signed with all required documentation. Applications should be submitted to the
office of the Dean, Student Affairs. Processing can take up to eight (8) business days. The office of the Dean, Student
Affairs will notify applicants via e-mail or phone once a decision has been made. Checks should be picked up at the
Cashier's window at the Napier Campus.
Lake Michigan College Veterans Education Assistance Fund
Application & Contract
Student Information: (Please print neatly in pen)
Student Name (Print): Phone Number:
Student ID Number: or Date of Birth:
LMC email address
Recommended by: (LMC employee assisting student)
I am a: Veteran Currently serving (Active Duty or Reserves) Dependent
Fund Request: Veterans Education Assistance Fund
Please briefly explain why funds are needed and what they are needed for:
Amount Requested: $ Semester/Term: of Academic year:
(Cannot exceed $1500)
If check is to go to a campus location other than Napier, please check appropriate box: Bertrand /Niles South Haven
Any relevant documentation to support your request & demonstrate need is required, see the following examples:
Fund requests for books, submit cost estimate from the bookstore along with your schedule bill.
Fund requests for vehicle repair, submit an estimate or receipt from a reputable repair shop.
I understand that I will reimburse the Program when my financial aid for this semester becomes available. At that time, I will
give the Financial Aid Office permission to deduct, from my financial aid account, the amount of money owed as stated in this
contract. Bookstore credit will be available the day after approval of this contract. Upon full reimbursement, this request will
NOT count towards the student’s lifetime disbursement maximum (2).
I understand that I will reimburse the College from my personal funds by the end of the semester. Charge PO when purchasing
books. Upon full reimbursement, this request will NOT count towards the student’s lifetime disbursement maximum (2). If funds
are not reimbursed within the term, this request will count towards the student’s lifetime disbursement max. (2)
I understand this is a Gift Scholarship on behalf of the Lake Michigan College Veteran Education Assistance Fund. Charge PO
when purchasing books.
I hereby certify that all of the above information is complete and correct. I understand that this application will not be reviewed if
all of the information is not provided. I have read and understand the terms outlined in the application.
Student Signature: Date:
For Office Use Only
Denied Approved Conditions/Follow up _________________________________________
Dean’s (or Designee) Signature _______________________________ Date _____________
This is to acknowledge that the Lake Michigan College Student Success Fund will purchase tuition/books and/or supplies in
the amount totaling $_________________ for the_________________term of 20________.
Original: Dean, Student Affairs.
Copies: AR Coordinator; Director, Financial Aid; Director, Financial Services; Director, Foundation; student.)
If you are unsure of the answers to the following questions, please have a conversation with the student to
determine the answer. These questions are based on eligibility guidelines, and also include basic information
that the recommending person should take into consideration before recommending a student for SSF/VEAF.
Please do not refer students to the office of the Dean, Student Affairs for “more information” about SSF/VEAF
without reviewing these general guidelines for eligibility. Mentioning the fund should not be considered a way
to appease a student or pass students off. Students often rely on this money as a certainty; if a student is denied
after being told this was a viable option this may cause financial strain and added stress. Students applications
should be accompanied by a staff referral (often, the referring person knows more about the student and
student’s background or has a better relationship with the student than the DSA Office). Students caught in this
loop between the DSA Office and the referring staff often feel frustrated, and sometimes embarrassed, so please
consider this before sending a student to the DSA Office. The DSA Office reviews & approves the referral after
it has been completed. If you have questions about the process, please contact the DSA Office directly rather
than sending the student on your behalf. Thank you.
Checklist is for Internal Staff Use Only
Recommending employee should submit this completed checklist with the application
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Is the student eligible for funds through the Ali Loan Fund?
Ali Loan Fund cannot be used to cover tuition or books. If unsure, check with Financial
Aid. If Financial Aid refunds have already gone out, student is not eligible for Ali Loan
Has student previously submitted a SSF/VEAF application?
RPISTCI If amount approved is 0, student previously submitted an application but it
was not approved/voided. Will need to check previous application for more detail.
Is the student a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident? (SPAIDEN)
Is the student an honorably discharged veteran, currently serving in the Armed Forces
or Reserves, or a dependent of an eligible veteran or someone currently serving?
(not listed in SPAIDEN; Confirm with Veterans Services Office)
Is the student In-District?
SPAIDENBased on physical address, or,
TSAAREVStudents who live in Beckwith Hall are In-District (look for housing or In-
District). Some veterans receive In-District tuition (although should be referred to VEAF
if student is a veteran)
Does the student have an overdue debt to the college?
SOAHOLD an active hold will have a future date as the “TO” date
ROAHOLDFor FinAid holds and notes
Is the student in Good Standing as defined by Financial Aid?
ROASTAT code should be O (for okay). If code indicates student is on a plan as the
result of an approved appeal, let VPS & EM know
Is the student expecting a financial aid refund? Has the student received a refund?
Charges subtracted from Credits on schedule/bill; If refunds have already been sent, will
be noted on schedule/bill. Can also confirm with Business Office
Has student applied for loans?
Schedule/bill, or RRAAREQ (Loan Request form listed, will need to check
Has student applied for scholarships? (RPAAWRD or check scholarship database)
Maxient report
check with the Director of Student Discipline or DSA Office
How many classes has the student missed this semester?
Check Attendance (link on the left hand side of student’s CRM account)
If semester has not yet started, check attendance/final GPA for last semester attended
How many credits is the student taking?
SFAREGQBanner or CRM, or, On student’s schedule/bill (attach schedule/bill)
Current Cumulative GPA (SHATERM) Credits already successfully completed (SHATERM)
(Make sure appropriate documentation is included/attached)