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Office of Financial Aid
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Asset Verification Form
I certify that the information provided to the Office of Financial Aid is true and correct.
Student Signature (must print and sign) Date Parent Signature (dependent students only) Date
Your 2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was selected for review through
a process called verification. Verification is the U.S. Department of Education’s method of
confirming data on your FAFSA and requires the Office of Financial Aid to collect various
forms of documentation. After all documentation has been submitted check your Illinois
Tech hawk email regularly as our office may have follow-up questions about the information
Student Information
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Last Name First Name
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Campus-Wide ID (A#) Telephone Number
Asset Information
Net worth means current value minus debt. Enter the values below as of the day you completed the FAFSA.
Asset Type
Student/Spouse (if
married) Asset
Parent(s) Asset
students only)
Savings Account(s)
Checking Account(s)
Net worth investment value including trust/money market/mutual funds,
certificates of deposit, stocks, stock options, bonds, other securities, commodities,
installment and land sale contracts, qualified educational benefits, education
savings accounts, and real estate investments (less mortgage debt)
Do not include the value of the home in which you live, retirement plans,
annuities, non-education IRAs, or pension funds.
Net worth of business and/or investment farm value including market value of
land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory.
Do not include the value of a small business if it has 100 or fewer full-time
employees. Do not include the value of a family farm that you, your spouse and/or
your parents live on and operate.