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Student Grade Appeal Form
Student Name:____________________________________________ Email: ______________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________
Course Name and Number: ______________________________________________ Semester: ________________
Name of Course Instructor: _____________________________________________ Grade Received: _______
On which basis are you making this grade appeal request? (Check One)
A procedural error was discovered in the evaluation or recording of a grade.
A grade was assigned on some basis other than my performance in the course.
A grade was assigned which departed from the faculty member’s standards written in the syllabus or in
written amendments to the syllabus.
A disagreement about the content or quality of your coursework is not grounds for an appeal.
Explain briefly the particular circumstancees that convince you that your grade ought to be changed.
List the date(s) when you spoke with your course instructor about this grade.
What reasons did your course instructor give for issuing this grade?
What is your response to your instructor’s explanation?
List the date(s) when you spoke with the instructor’s department chair about the problem.
What is your response to the meeting with your instructor and chair person?
I hereby certify that the information I have provided is a true and accurate statement of my appeal.
Signature ____________________________________________________ Date__________________
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