Revised: 7/16
Ashland University
Student Accessibility Center (SAC)
Faculty Test Proctoring Instructions
Faculty Name _______________________________________________ Test Date ______________________
Course Name/Number ____________________________________________________________________________
Semester _____________________________________ Class Location ______________________________
Class Time __________________________________
Standard time limit for this test/quiz is________________________________________
Completion Instructions:
Complete this Faculty Test Proctoring Instruction sheet & email to
along with your test/quiz.
If you have a preference for paper tests/quizzes, please download and print this form. You can then include the
completed form in a sealed envelope with your tests/quizzes, and you or your designee can send it via Interoffice
Mail, or bring the envelope to SAC, currently located in the Claremont building at 930 Claremont Ave.
If you provide any additional testing information or instruction to your class at the time of the test/quiz, please
immediately contact Justin Beeman, Testing Coordinator at
, or call ext. 6336 (ext. 6834
in the College of Nursing), to give him the additional information.
The Testing Areas are open between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday during the regular academic
year – summer hours may vary. Faculty members are requested to schedule any alternate testing times
individually with the Testing Coordinator prior to the test date.
Please check all the following items that apply, to enable us to administer the test/quiz in the manner you desire.
Instructions will be followed in conjunction with the students’ approved accommodations, which take legal precedence.
Please check all that apply:
_____ Students are requested to take tests/quizzes on the same day as class
_____ Students are requested to take tests/quizzes at the same time as class
_____ Notes permitted
_____ Programmable graphing calculator permitted
_____ Text permitted (chapters of book, charts, graphs, etc.)
_____ Online test/quiz
_____ Formulas permitted
_____ Use Scantron to record answers
_____ Return completed test/quiz via email
_____ Return completed test/quiz via Interoffice Mail
_____ Other (please be specific) ______________________________________________________________________
REMINDER: It is the instructor’s responsibility to deliver tests/quizzes at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled
examination time.
NOTE: Due to staffing limitations, we cannot return completed paper tests/quizzes directly to faculty mailboxes.
However, we can return them via Interoffice Mail, or we can scan and email them to the course instructor upon
completion. Completed paper tests/quizzes returned via email will be shredded at the end of each semester.
Questions regarding these procedures, or accommodations may be directed to Silvia Henriss, Director at ext. 5904,