Artisans / Crafters - Product Screening
Port Orchard Farmers Market
The POFM Screening Committee juries prospective vendors, and current vendors new item lines, according to guidelines and rules
of the Washington State Farmers Market Association. Products are screened for quality and uniqueness at market.
To have your product(s) screened you may either
1) bring samples of your work to the Farmers Market Booth on Saturday (you may have to wait a little while so that three members
can review your product), along with this completed form. Artisans / Crafters do not set up on the day they are screened.
2) email this completed form along with several representative photos of your product(s) to
After your product(s) is screened, our Manager will send you an email advising whether your product(s) is/are accepted or not.
The whole process should take one week or less. For screening questions call (360) 602-1022 and leave a message.
You must have a valid Washington State (Master) business license. The City of Port Orchard has waived the Business License
Requirement for our vendors who sell ONLY at the Farmers Market and nowhere else within the city limits. Otherwise, you will need
to obtain need a Port Orchard City Business License.
Please see for the POFM Vendor Application, Member/Vendor Guide and Resources.
Name: ______________________________________ Business Name: _____________________________________
Residence Address: ______________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________
City, Zip: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________________________________
The following are required to be a vendor at the market. Check all that apply.
____ I reside on the Kitsap Peninsula
____ I create with my own hands the products I offer for sale
____ A majority of the tools and equipment used to produce the products require skill, personal handling and/or manipulation
____ I do not sell commercial items, imported items, franchise or second hand items
____ (not required) I incorporate materials grown or produced in Washington State (The market will give priority to those
Artisan/Crafter vendors who use materials from Washington State.)
Please describe your art, and the process and materials:___________________________________________________
Please read and sign the following statement: I certify that I am making my product by hand or with the appropriate tools. My
product is not the result of a kit assembly, commercially available plans or transfers or direct resale of an item or commercially
available product. I understand that my workspace is subject to jury review by the POFM Screening Committee.
Signature_______________________________________ Date: ____________________________
Screening Committee Use
Screening Date: ____________________________________Product Category: _________________________________
Screeners: (Print and sign name if not digitally signed)
Name:__________________________ Approved / Not Approved Comments: ____________________________________________
Name:__________________________Approved / Not Approved Comments:_____________________________________________
Name:__________________________Approved / Not Approved Comments: _____________________________________________
-----------------------------------------------------------MGR ONLY BELOW LINE -------------------------------------------------------------------
( ) Accepted ( ) Not Accepted ( )Waitlisted ( ) Email or Letter Sent
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