Articulation Agreement
Kirtland Community College
All State-Approved Career and Technical Education Programs in Michigan
e purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the transition of students from high school Occupational
and/or Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered at all State-Approved Career and
Technical Education Programs in Michigan to college degrees and certificates at Kirtland Community
College (KCC).
General Conditions & Requirements:
1. Student must apply for Articulated Credit at Kirtland Community College within two years of high school
2. Student must complete the Articulated Credit Application/Verification form, gather necessary
documentation, obtain appropriate signatures, and request that the career technical center/high school
send the form and documentation to Kirtland Community College Registrar’s office.
3. Student must complete secondary career technical education course competencies with a “B” or better
final grade. (The grade can be established by the department).
4. The student must complete all segments of the CTE program to be eligible for articulated credit.
5. Articulated credit will be applied to a transcript on evaluation of required documentation and application
to the college.
Aligned/Articulated Courses:
Michigan Career Pathway: Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Perkins Approved: True
Secondary: Law and Public Safety
Federal Career Cluster (Secondary): Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
ate approved Secondary Program:
State Approved
CIP Code
Local Secondary
Law & Public Safety
Law & Public Safety
Post-Secondary Programs:
CIP Code Number
Course Title
Course Number or
ASA-Associate in
Science and Arts
Introduction to
Criminal Justice
CJS 10000
3 Credits
AAS-Criminal Justice
Introduction to
Criminal Justice
CJS 10000
3 Credits
Introduction to
Criminal Justice
CJS 10000
3 Credits
AAS = Associate in Applied Science
ASA=Associate in Science and Arts
Kirtland Community College will award articulated credit to students for the secondary program
according to the condition/requirements as outlined in this agreement. Articulated Credit applies to
degrees and certificates. This agreement is valid until date of discard. Attached to this agreement is a
4+2 program of study for this agreement.
Michigan Career and Technical Education
Postsecondary School Information
Michigan Department of Education
Career and Technical Education
608 W. Allegan Street
PO Box 30008
Lansing, MI 48909
Kirtland Community College
4800 W. 4 Mile Rd.
Grayling, MI 49738
Steven L. Fosgard
Dean of Occupational Programs
Renae Klee
Associate Registrar
or the purposes of students enrolling and receiving articulated credit, this agreement remains effective
for two additional years after expiration date to permit student access to agree upon credits.
Implementation Date:
June 30, 2019
Expiration Date:
June 30, 2022
Documentation of secondary instructional delivery/segments, which includes the postsecondary
delivery (Examples-
GAP Analysis, CIP Program Review Summary Document, (2010) Assessment
Taken/Passed) is available for review at (our web page when developed.)
Articulated Credit Verification Application
For High School/Tech Center Use Only:
Student’s final cumulative GPA in CTE Program Course(s):
GPA 11
Grade: _______
GPA 12
Grade: _______
High School Instructor Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _________
High School Counselor/Administrator Signature: ________________________ Date: _________
*NOTE: Prior to submitting the application for articulated credit, the student must submit an Application
for Admission to Kirtland Community College. Online applications can be completed at
Student Information:
Student Full Legal Name:
Gender: □ Male Female
Date of Birth:
Permanent Address (Where you live):
Mailing Address (If different from permanent):
High School Name:
Tech Center Name (If attending a tech center):
Parent/Guardian Full Name:
Career Program Articulated with Kirtland:
Program you intend to enroll in at Kirtland:
High School Graduation Year:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Semester of anticipated enrollment: Fall Winter Summer
*I have read and understand all of the general conditions and requirements, and if applicable, the special
conditions and requirements listed on the articulation agreement.
Student Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________________
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Articulated Credit Verification Application
This section must be completed by the high school faculty/counselor/administrator:
Records of Assessments and Scores:
Each course(s) the student is requesting for articulated credit.
If required, the assessment that was used (please see the articulation agreement for
appropriate assessment).
The score that the student received on the assessment.
Submit the following with this completed form:
A copy of the student’s official transcript. Student must have a “B” or higher in the
courses/programs that he/she is requesting for articulated credit. (The grade can be established
by the department).
Score sheet for each assessment completed as well as any certifications that reflect the
student’s attainment of the course objectives.
Name of Course(s) as Listed on High School
CIP Code(s)
Kirtland Course(s) Requested for Credit
High School/Tech Centers:
Please return this form and all supporting documentation to:
Kirtland Community College
Registrar’s Office
4800 W. 4 Mile Rd.
Grayling, MI 49738
Articulated Credit Verification Application
Kirtland Community College Registrar’s Office Use Only:
Course(s) approved for articulated credit:
Course Number
Course Title
Registrar Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _________________________