Articulated Credit Application
For Ferris Use Only
Application received by:
OTSSP sta:_____
Original scanned in Articulation
Student Accepted at Ferris as a
FSU Student ID #:______________
Student Full Legal Name (Ex: Rebecca, not Becky): _____________________________________________________
(First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
Student Information
Career Pathway in High School:
Arts & Communication
Business, Management,
Marketing & Technology
Engineering, Manufacturing &
Industrial Technology
Health Sciences
Human Services
Natural Resources & Agriscience
Date of Birth: _____________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________________
High School Graduation Year: _______________________________________
High School Name: ________________________________________________
Career Center Name: _______________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________________________________
Career Program articulated with Ferris: _______________________________
Ferris program/major you plan to enroll in: ____________________________
Fall ____ (August)
Spring ____ (January)
Summer ____ (May)
Student Signature:
Applying for Articulated Credit-Student Checklist
Students should:
Review the requirements for articulated credit. These may be obtained from your
high school/career center or at
Complete any required assessments or certications that may be required to earn
articulated credit.
Submit the free online application to attend Ferris after high school
Fill out the “Student Information” section of the Articulated Credit Application and
obtain the required signatures from your high school/career center instructor and
Ask your high school/career center to submit the Articulated Credit Application to
Ferris on your behalf.
Applying for Articulated Credit-High School/Career Center Program Checklist
High school and career center instructors and administrators should:
Verify the student meets the requirements to earn articulated credit. (Refer to the "Record of Assessments and Scores"
section on page 2 for more details.
Complete the “Record of Assessments and Scores” section on page 2 of this application.
Submit the Articulated Credit Application and any required supporting documentation to the Ferris State University
Office of Transfer and
Secondary School Partnerships at
Date of Anticipated Enrollment at
Ferris (check one):
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Articulated Credit Application
Records of Assessments and Scores
Student Requirements to Earn Articulated Credit
Grade point average and certication/assessment requirements to earn articulated credit vary by program. Consult the “General
Conditions & Requirements” section on the appropriate articulation agreement for details. Statewide agreements may be found
online at
Courses, Assessments, Scores
List each Ferris course(s) for which the student is applying for articulated credit.
If required, include the assessment/certication that was used (see the articulation agreement for appropriate assessment),
List the score that the student received on any required assessment(s).
Ferris Course(s) Requested for Credit Assessment Used Score
Submit the following with this completed application:
A copy of the student’s transcript (Student must have a “B” average in the
courses/programs that he/she is requesting for articulated credit.
Score sheet for each assessment completed as well as any certications that
reect the student’s attainment of the course objectives.
Ferris Faculty/Department Chair Use Only-Articulated Credit Authorization
Course(s) approved for articulated credit:
Course Number Course Title Credits
Academic Department Signature: Date:
FSU Dean’s Oce Signature: Date:
Return the completed form to the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships to .
Please contact us with any questions at or at 231-591-5985.
Ferris State University is an equal opportunity institution. For information on the University’s Policy on Non-Discrimination, visit
Page 2
Instructor Signature:
Counselor Signature:
Administrator Signature: Date:
For More Information
Ferris State University
Office of Transfer and Secondary School
Phone: 231-591-5985
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