Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education
Closed School Student Record Request Form is the primary Custodian of Records for the following schools.
Do Not Send Physical Requests.
Brown Mackie College (Chaparral College);
Anthem College- (The Bryman School, High-
Tech Institute)
Everest College (Academy of Business)
Collins College
Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale
Tucson College
ITT (2001- Closure)
ITT (1994-2001)
Student Name Date:
Correct Name of Closed School*:
Name of Program Enrolled (No Acronyms):
Month/Year of Enrollment/Graduation Date: Campus Location (City in AZ):
Name (printed legibly) that Student used while Attending the closed school:
Last 4 of students SSN: Date of Birth: Phone#
Have you requested records from AZPPSE previously? Yes No When? _________________________________
Email address:
All records sent to a student directly will be e-mailed. If a physical copy is needed please expect an E-mail or call to discuss the
request. Always include your e-mail.
Please select the Purpose of your request:
Personal Files /Testing /Licensing /Furthering Education /Employer-Employment Other: _______________
Official Transcripts:
Official Transcript to be sent to:
Attention to:
Secured E-mail to receive official transcripts:
Secured E-mail must be verified with the receiving entity to ensure documents are accepted electronically.
Not verifying the required means of receipt will delay the time the records will be received by the receiving entity.
Student’s signature (this authorizes the release of confidential information.)
Processing Fee: Complete this form and return it via mail with a non-refundable $10.00 Money Order or Cashier’s
Check (Student requests) made out to AZPPSE to the address below. We do not accept Personal Checks.
3rd Party Requests: Submit a copy of the student release form authorizing the 3
party to obtain the requested
information. The request must be accompanied with a non-refundable $10.00 Company Check (3
rd Party
requests Only) or Money Order made out to AZPPSE and mailed to address below
Processing Time and No Guarantee: Please be advised that the processing time can range from one to six weeks. The
State Board cannot guarantee that a student record can be found for every student. All requests will receive a
response with results of request should proper contact information be provided.
Follow-up or update requests please e-mail
Last Updated 3.21.2019
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