California State University, Sacramento
Department of Psychology
Approval of Thesis/Project Proposal
Name of Student_______________________________________________________________________
Title of Proposal________________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________Thesis or Project?________________
Committee Responsibilities
By signing this document, the committee members agree to: (a) serve on the thesis/project committee in the roles
specified below unless prevented by death, illness or medical problems, retirement, leave of absence, sabbatical
leave, or job transfer; (b) accept plan for the thesis/project as set forth in the proposal; (c) require the student to
obtain the content of all committee members for any changes of substance in the approved plan; (d) be available
for consultation while the student conducts the thesis/project and writes the report; (e) promptly review written
drafts of the report on the thesis/project; and (f) participate in a publicly announced meeting at which the student
will orally defend the thesis/project. If one or more of the committee members are unable to fulfill their
obligations for the reasons specified above, the committee chair and/or the Graduate Coordinator will assist the
student in obtaining replacement committee members.
Student Responsibilities
By signing this document, the student agrees to: (a) obtain department and/or University approval before working
with any living creatures in an experimental or non-experimental context as described in the proposal; (b) conduct
thesis/project as specified in the proposal; (c) obtain permission from all committee members prior to making any
changes of substance in the plan for the thesis/project; (d) consult regularly with all committee members about
the progress of the thesis/project (e) provide written drafts of the report on the thesis/project to the committee
and respond to the comments of the committee members on those drafts; and (f) orally defend the thesis/project
at a publicly announced meeting of the committee.
Names (printed) Signatures Date
_____________________________ _______________________________________ __________
Chair of Committee
________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________
Second Reader
________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________
Third Reader (Required for Thesis)
________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________
________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________
Graduate Coordinator
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