Approval for Transfer Course Equivalencies
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List each course you wish to transfer and the Centenary equivalent. Note the example provided.
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American History I
HIST 205
*Use: MJ = Course in your major, C = Core course, S = Supportive course, E = Elective/minor course
ACTION TAKEN __________ Approved
__________ Approved as Amended Registrar’s Office__________________________________
__________ Not Approved
__________ Requires a Petition Advisor/Dept. Chair________________________________
Only needed for 300 level or above courses
NOTE: Any substitution of courses from those approved on this form must also be approved.
Please take note:
Maximum 9 hours (including hours taken at Centenary) may be taken during the Summer. No more than 6 hours can be taken per
summer session.
Maximum 18 hours (including hours taken at Centenary) may be taken during a regular semester.
Credit will not transfer if the credit is earned during a period of time the student is concurrently enrolled at Centenary should the
transfer hours attempted cause the student to exceed 18 hours of enrolled credit (nine [9] hours in the summer session) without
prior permission from the Centenary Provost.
Credit will not transfer to Centenary to replace credits earned at Centenary for equivalent courses.
Credit will not transfer to Centenary when an evaluation of the student’s degree plan shows that such credit is earned subsequent
to completion of a Centenary degree.
If Junior status, student must have a degree plan on file in the Registrar’s Office.
Academic policy requires students to secure permission from their advisor and the Registrar to transfer any credit earned within the
last two long semesters (Fall and Spring) prior to graduation.
Student must earn a C or better in order to transfer any course credit back to Centenary.