SGO Step 1, Form 4: Choose or Develop Quality Assessments
Approval Checklist for School-based Assessments
Grade Level/Subject: ____________________________________________
Teacher(s): _______________________________________________________________
Evaluator: ___________________
Criteria Considerations (Check all that apply)
Alignment and
Items/tasks cover key subject/grade-level content standards.
Where applicable, items/tasks cover knowledge and skills that will be of value beyond the
year either in the next level of the subject, in other academic disciplines, or in career/life.
Where applicable, there are low- and high-end stretch items that cover pre-requisite
objectives from prior years and objectives from the next year/course.
Scoring system is weighted appropriately for question complexity.
Rigor and
Overall, the items, tasks, rubrics are appropriately challenging for the grade-level/course
(e.g. appropriate depth of knowledge and correct reading level).
Many items/tasks require strategic and extended thinking.
Multiple-choice questions are appropriately rigorous or complex (e.g. multistep, four or
more choices).
Key content standards are assessed at greater depths of understanding and/or complexity.
Format Captures
True Mastery
Items/tasks are written clearly.
The assessment/tasks are free from bias; no wording or knowledge that is accessible to
only specific ethnicities, subcultures, or genders.
Some standards are assessed across multiple items/tasks.
Item types and length of the assessment are appropriate for the subject/grade level.
Tasks and open-ended questions have rubrics that (1) articulate what students are
expected to know and do and (2) differentiate between levels of knowledge/mastery.
I approve of this assessment/task and any accompanying rubrics without further change.
Please make changes suggested in feedback above and resubmit the assessment/tasks and rubrics.
Signature of evaluator: ____________________ Date: _________
Signature of teacher(s): _______________________________________________ Date: _________
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