Version 2
April 2019
Review (AR)
Data Protection
This form is used to collect information about the reviewee for the purpose of an appointment review. This is to be
used by the District, County, Region, Area and Country as appropriate. As part of this form we collect personal data
about the reviewee; this detail is required so that we can process your review appropriately.
We take personal data privacy seriously. The data provided to us is securely stored [ADD DETAIL OF LOCAL
and will form part of preparation for your next Appointment Review, at which point this form will be destroyed no later
than one month after the date of that review. For further detail on our retention periods please visit our Data
We do not share the personal data provided in this form with any third parties outside of The Scout Association.
Appointment Reviews are described in section 5 of POR The Appointment Process. This form should be used to help
guide the conversation between a role holder and their line manager during an Appointment Review. This form
provides the necessary information to facilitate the process. provides more information about the
Appointments Review
Section A: Review detail
Reason review was called:
Person requesting the review:
Role holder name:
Role holder membership number:
Appointment(s) being reviewed:
Line manager’s name:
Line manager membership number:
Date of appointment review meeting:
Section B: Training for appropriate roles
For roles requiring Wood Badge:
Wood Badge completion date:
If not complete, expected completion date:
Ongoing learning, hours undertaken since last review:
Mandatory ongoing learning
First aid certificate date of expiry:
Safety training date of expiry:
Safeguarding training date of expiry:
Other training notes: What training modules or other ongoing learning do you need to support you in your role and to
help you meet your role aspirations?
Appointments review form
Section C: The review
Summary of the conversation between line manager and role holder:
Summarise what you enjoy about the role(s) being reviewed.
Comments from line manager:
What areas do you feel you need support in?
Comments from line manager:
What challenges have you experienced in your role and (if any) how did you/will you overcome them?
Comments from line manager:
In 1-3 years’ time is there a different/new role that you would like to have in Scouting?
Comments from line manager:
Other notes?
Appointments review form
Section D: Review conclusion
Please tick appropriate box and provide a summary of reasons in the box below
Renewal of current appointment until (maximum five years)
Reassignment to
(note: reassignment will require starting the new appointment process)
Agreed date of next review (if appropriate):
Signed: Line manager
Date signed:
Signed: Individual reviewed
Date signed:
Section E: Committee outcome
To be completed by the Appointments Advisory Committee Secretary.
I confirm I have seen the above and have ensured that the necessary outcomes are actioned on Compass, such as
updating the review date, cancelling a role(s) or starting the appointment process for a new role.
Signed: Appointments Advisory Committee Secretary
Date signed:
Summary of reasons:
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