Application to install Banners, Hanging Flower Baskets and Seasonal Decorations over the
Highway under Section 178 of the Highways Act 1980
I/We have read and agree to the terms and conditions attached and are applying for permission
to erect . over the highway.
Detailed drawings and other supporting information will be required for technical review before
application can be granted see attached checklist
Contact Details for Applicant: (i.e. Town/Parish council)
Daytime Telephone No.
Emergency 24 hours Contact
Contact email
The Installation
Proposed location of installations
(street/town/street light number etc.)
Duration of installation
Appointed Contractor/Competent Person(s)
If appointing a third party - provide contact details below
Daytime Telephone No.
Emergency 24 hours Contact
Contact email
Is it proposed to have catenary wires stretched across the highway?
Choose an
Is it proposed to have any electrical connection to Highway Authority
equipment (e.g. street lighting column)?
Choose an
Choose An Item
Please Select
If yes, what professionally approved
electrical body is the contractor a member
Is it proposed to mount any seasonal decorations onto lighting columns?
Choose an
If yes, please complete ‘Application Form to hang banners, baskets and seasonal decorations
Please Select
The following documentation must be submitted a minimum of 10 weeks prior to
Completed Application Form and associated paperwork
Terms and conditions signed and dated by applicant to confirm they have been read and
All technical information including the completed attachment form (hanging
baskets/sign/seasonal motif), a map/plan showing the location of the installations with street
light numbers, dimensions, details of each installation.
A signed written statement or an email from the applicant stating that your contractor/third party
have demonstrated to you their operative’s competency and qualifications including the
person(s) who will complete the electrical connection and disconnection and the person(s)
“switching on” the installation at any ceremony.
If applicable, structural testing results in accordance with BE EN40 from competent contractor
where seasonal decorations are attached to lighting columns.
A signed written statement or an email from the applicant stating that all temporary traffic
management proposals, arrangements for protection and segregation of the public and signing
and guarding are in accordance with the latest version of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual
published by the Department of Transport (Safety at Street Works and Road Works A Code
of Practice (commonly known as the “red book”)
Proposed installation dates and final removal of the equipment, method statement and risk
assessment covering installation and maintenance.
Evidence of Public Liability insurance (£10 million).
24/7 emergency contact numbers; which may be used at any time and at all stages of the
installation (there can be more than one contact if required).
A statement of conformity for the complete installation, in accordance with BS 7671 (test
certificates to follow upon installation).
Copy of the applicants written energy agreement.
Application fee of £50 per application or £50 per road/street (the length of an individual street
may require an additional payment) where testing will be required.
Please send your completed application to or
Suffolk Highways
Street Lighting
Phoenix House
3 Goddard Road
Suffolk IP1 5NP
If you have any questions or queries, regarding your application, or any of the documentation,
please contact us at