Application to create an LGA Special Interest Group (SIG)
Applicants are asked to complete this form and return it to
Attached at Appendix A is the LGA’s Statement on SIGs for background information which
you may find helpful.
Name of SIG
Purpose of the SIG
Nature of the common feature
or interest (Applicants must undertake to
admit to membership all authorities who share
this interest)
Authorities who have
committed to join the SIG (must
be a minimum of 10 authorities in full
Lead Authority
Contact details for main
contact (member or officer)
Telephone number:
Email address:
Statement on Special Interest Groups
1. The LGA Constitution provides for 10 or more full member authorities with common
features, interests or concerns to form a Special Interest Group (SIG). Under exceptional
circumstances, the LGA Leadership Board may agree for smaller groups of councils to
establish a SIG.
LGA Constitution clause 15
15.1 If ten or more full member authorities with common features, interests or
concerns so request by formal notice to the Chief Executive, the Association,
acting through the LGA Leadership Board, may establish a Special Interest
Group (SIG) for such authorities. Membership shall be open to all member
authorities with such common features.
15.2 In any case of doubt as to whether an authority is eligible for membership of a
SIG, the LGA Leadership Board shall determine the matter.
15.3 The Association may provide secretarial services to SIGs, having regard to the
overall level of resources available to the Association, provided it is satisfied
that the SIG’s activities accord with the strategic direction and interests of the
Association as a whole. SIGs may provide their own, or augment Association
support, through resources raised from member authorities.
15.4 Special Interest Groups shall develop their own rules of procedure subject to
the approval of the LGA Leadership Board. Each Special Interest Group shall
report annually on its activities to the LGA Leadership Board.
Rules of Operation of SIGs
2. If requested, and subject to the availability of resources, the LGA will provide:
secretarial support to Special Interest Groups for up to a maximum of 3 meetings
per year in London;
accommodation in Local Government House, free of charge, subject to availability
of rooms;
catering at normal LGA rates.
The LGA is a paperless organisation, therefore printing and hardcopy mailing will not
be supported in line with the LGA’s internal policies.
3. The LGA will not make any payments to members attending SIGs, including
Attendance allowances
These expenses remain the responsibility of member authorities.
4. SIGs are permitted to raise any resources they might need to support their activities and
running costs from their member authorities.
5. SIGs are able to make representations direct to Government and elsewhere on matters
arising directly from their special interest, and to obtain LGA assistance in doing so.
However those representations must not conflict with or undermine LGA policy as a whole
or damage the interests of other member authorities. The LGA has agreed protocols
relating to local government finance and other distributional issues.
6. All SIGs are required to submit a full report at the end of April each year to the LGA
Leadership Board covering such matters as their dealings with Government Departments.
The Leadership Board reserves the right to invite the Chairman of a SIG to discuss an
Annual Report or issues arising from it.
7. SIGs may also be required to report to the appropriate board, whose remit covers the
SIG’s particular area of interest.
8. The LGA will review support for SIGs annually.
Application to set up a SIG
9. Applications to establish a SIG should be made in writing and sent to
Chief Executive or
Local Government Association
18 Smith Square
London SW1P 3HZ
10. Applications should:
10.1. define the purpose of the SIG and the nature of the common feature or interest
10.2. include the names of at least 10 authorities in full membership who have committed
to join the SIG
10.3. undertake to admit to membership all authorities who share that interest
In case of any dispute over whether an authority is eligible for membership of a particular SIG, the LGA Leadership Board will
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