Application to be a Peer Tutor (Student Success Network)
Becoming a Peer Tutor
A Peer Tutor is a student who has achieved above average marks in the course area and has a desire
to help fellow students. Tutors must be caring and patient in addition to being strong academically.
The role of a Peer Tutor is to assist the student in learning how to perform the skill independently;
this means the tutor is there to help the tutee, not do the work for them.
Tutors are paid $14.00/hour and can work a maximum of 24 hours per semester.
If you are interested in working as a Peer Tutor, please submit the application to the Student Success
Network (SSN) Room 500A.
Please Note: all applications for a position as a Peer Tutor must be supported by a faculty member.
New peer tutors will meet with a representative from the Student Success Network to review the policies
and procedures of the program.
You will be matched up with another student who has requested tutoring services, depending on demand. At
your first meeting with the student you should create a tutoring plan and agree to meet on a schedule.
Tutees are allowed a maximum of 10 hours per semester of tutoring time. Tutors can work a maximum of 24
hours per semester. Please note that tutors are now paid in a lump sum at the end of each semester.
You will be required to fill out a tutoring session report at the end of each session which must be signed by
the student being tutored. An invoice and a tutoring session report template will be provided for you.
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Full Name:
Michener Email:
Program & Year:
Postal Code:
Telephone Number:
Please list the courses you qualified to tutor:
Indicate your reasons for applying for this position:
What is your understanding of this position?
What previous work experience do you have which you consider relevantfor this position (include
volunteer work, summer work, part time work, etc.)?
What personal skills do you possess that would make you an asset in this position?
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To be filled out by instructor/faculty member:
Faculty Member Name:
Are you a current or former instructor of the applicant?
Do you feel the applicant is qualified to become a Peer Tutor?
Student Signature:
Please fill out in full (including instructor/faculty portion) and return to Student Success Network Room
500A or Email: