Date Received by HSB:
Application to Serve
on a City of Horseshoe Bay
Board, Commission or Committee
If you are interested in serving on a board, commission, or committee with the City of Horseshoe Bay, please
complete this application and email it to the City Secretary at kcraig@horseshoe-bay-tx.gov
. Your application
will be held for consideration by City Council for two years as appointments are required.
Qualifications for Appointment: The City has established certain qualifications that must be met by all
members of any board, commission or committee. In addition to any special qualifications for a specific board,
commission or committee, applicants must:
Be a citizen or r
esident in the City of Horseshoe Bay’s city limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ);
Have an active application on file with the City Secretary;
Meet any requirements as set out in State Statute;
Not be in arrears in the payment of any taxes or other liability due to the City of Horseshoe Bay;
Not hold any other public office, including other City Council appointments, except that of a Notary
Public or as a member of the armed services or National Guard.
Please select the B
oard, Commission or Committee on which you are interested in serving
(descriptions of each group are listed on the next page):
Planning and Zoning Commission Board of Adjustment Parks Advisory Committee
Fuchs’ House Advisory Committee Broadband Advisory Committee
(Prefix) First Name Last Name Suffix
Mailing Address:
Email (required): Phone:
Have you ever served on a city board, commission or committee for Horseshoe Bay or any city?
Yes No If yes, which group(s) and when?
What is your educational background?
Current or most recent employment (please attach a resume if available)?
Have you participated in the City of Horseshoe Bay's Citizens' Academy? If yes, when: _____________
Please tell us how your previous employment, education, and experience makes you a qualified
candidate for the group to which you are applying?:
Please provide any additional information you would like us to know in relation to this application:
Currently active City of Horseshoe Bay Boards, Commissions and Committees:
Planning and Zoning Commission - The commission recommends boundaries of various districts and regulations to be
enforced therein and hears and makes recommendations to the City Council on any matters relating to zoning, planning or
subdivision control. It is composed of five members, who are residents and registered voters of the city, serving for a term
of two years.
Board of Adjustment - The purpose of this board is to hear and review appeals of persons affected by any decision of
the Development Services Manager or hear variance requests related to requirements of the zoning ordinance. The Board
has the authority to reverse or affirm the Development Services Manager’s decision, or to impose reasonable conditions
on the applicant. The Board consists of five residents serving for a term of two years.
Parks Advisory Committee The committee serves in an advisory role to City Council recommending policies and
procedures for proper administration of the municipal parks program in Horseshoe Bay. It also serves to encourage and
facilitate establishment and maintenance of recreational facilities and programs, as well as acquisition of new areas for
parks and recreation programs or expansion and improvement of current programs and facilities. The committee consists
of five members appointed for two-year terms, with one member representing the HSB POA Board of Directors.
Fuchs’ House Advisory Committee The purpose of the committee is to act in an advisory role to City Council in the
development, supervision, and administration of the affairs of the Fuchs' House and property. The committee consists of
four members, serving two-year terms, who have an interest in the Fuchs’ House.
Broadband Advisory Committee - This committee, established by City Council on December 13, 2016, serves as an
advisory committee to the City Council for the purpose of exploring and recommending potential broadband service options
to increase the availability of high-speed internet options in Horseshoe Bay. The committee consists of six members who
are registered voters of the city.
Public Access Form
Texas Government Code Section 552-024
Each employee or official of a governmental body and each former employee or official of a governmental
body shall choose whether to allow public access to the information in the custody of the governmental
body that relates to the person’s home address, home telephone number, emergency contact information,
social security number, or information that reveals whether the person has family members.
Each employee and official shall state that person’s choice to the main personnel officer of the governmental
body in a signed writing not later than the 14
day after the date on which the employee begins employment
or the official is elected or appointed to office.
Please indicate with an ‘X’ below whether you wish to allow public release of your personal
information or not:
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