Application to Repeat a Course with Grade C or Above St. Olaf, Registrar’s Office
ID: ______________ Name: __________________________________________
Course Information:
Course Number
Course Title
Graded or
Year and term you are repeating the course: Year and term the course was first taken:
You may repeat a course where a grade of C or above was earned only upon approval of the Registrar
1. A student may repeat a course only once, only at St. Olaf
2. A course cannot be repeated after the satisfactory completion of any course in the same department for
which the previous course is a prerequisite.
3. A repeated course may be taken on an S/U basis only if the course was originally taken S/U and a U
was received. If a course receives an S, it may not be repeated regardless of the actual reported
grade. A course that originally received a U may be repeated on a graded basis.
4. A course may earn credit only once. The repeated course will be computed into the GPA and be
added into the total number of course credits completed, even if the grade is lower than on the
original course. The original course will always remain on the transcript but it is removed from the GPA
and total course credits.
Some departments (Dance, ESAC, & Music for example), you may retake some quarter (.25) credit classes
and they are not considered repeats under this policy, please consult the catalog or check with the
Registrar to confirm which quarter credit classes may be repeated.
Warning: Seniors - remember that you will “lose” a credit toward graduation if you repeat a course for which
you received a passing grade initially. Check your graduation requirements on your degree audit to determine
if this repeat will affect your graduation. Feel free to contact the Registrar’s office to check on this if that would
help you.
If the original course had a different number, title, or credit value than the one you will be taking, the
department chair or interdisciplinary program director must sign below giving her/his approval to the new
course as a replacement for the original course. Replacement Course:
Course Number:
Department/Interdis. Prog. Director’s Signature ______ Date _
I have read these conditions for repeating a course and fully understand them.
Student’s Signature: ___ Date: ___
Registrar’s Signature: ____ Date: ___
Semester 1, Interim, or
Semester II
Semester 1, Interim, or Semester