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Application of Relief from Contract Voidability
Before the California Franchise Tax Board
In the matter of the relief from contract voidability of :
Entity Number :
Entity Name :
Address :
On behalf of the above-referenced entity, I request relief from contract voidability as authorized by California
Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) Section 23305.1(a) - (e). I request relief for the period beginning
on * and ending on the date of revivor or the date relief is granted. I submitted the payment,
returns, or documents required by R&TC Section 23305.1.
Print Name: _____________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________________
Date of Application: _______________________________________
Daytime Telephone Number: ________________________________
Those who can sign this application on behalf of an entity (domestic or foreign) include:
Any stockholder, creditor, member, general partner, or officer.
Any person having an interest in relief from suspension or forfeiture.
*Date subject to approval by the Franchise Tax Board.
FTB 2518 BC C2 (REV 05-2013)
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