Application notice
N244 Application notice (08.18) © Crown copyright 2018
What is your name or, if you are a legal representative, the name of your rm?
3. What order are you asking the court to make and why?
4. Have you attached a draft of the order you are applying for?
Yes No
How long do you think the hearing will last?
Is this time estimate agreed by all parties?
5. How do you want to have this application dealt with?
at a hearing without a hearing
at a telephone hearing
For help in completing this form please read the
notes for guidance form N244Notes.
Hours Minutes
Yes No
7. Give details of any xed trial date or period
8. What level of Judge does your hearing need?
9. Who should be served with this application?
9a. Please give the service address, (other than details of the
claimant or defendant) of any party named in question 9.
Claimant Defendant Legal Representative
Other (please specify)
2. Are you a
If you are a legal representative whom do you represent?
Name of court Claim no.
Fee account no.
(if applicable)
Help with Fees – Ref. no.
(if applicable)
Warrant no.
(if applicable)
Claimant’s name (including ref.)
Defendant’s name (including ref.)
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Applicant’s address to which documents about this application should be sent
If applicable
Phone no.
Fax no.
DX no.
Ref no.
E-mail address
10. What information will you be relying on, in support of your application?
the attached witness statement
the statement of case
the evidence set out in the box below
Statement of Truth
(I believe) (The applicant believes) that the facts stated in this section (and any continuation sheets) are true.
Signed Dated
Applicant(’s legal representative)(’s litigation friend)
Full name
Name of applicant’s legal representatives rm
Position or oce held
(if signing on behalf of rm or company)
11. Signature and address details
If necessary, please continue on a separate sheet.
Signed Dated
Applicant(’s legal representatives)(’s litigation friend)
Position or oce held
(if signing on behalf of rm or company)