N349 Application for third party debt order (05.14) © Crown copyright 2014
Application for third
party debt order
The [claimant] [defendant] (‘the judgment creditor’) applies for an order that the third party pay to the
judgment creditor the debt which the third party owes to the [defendant] [claimant] (‘the judgment
debtor’) (or so much of it as is necessary to discharge the amount owing under the judgment or order
given on 20 [by the in
claim no. ] and the costs of this application).
1. Judgment debtor
The judgment debtor is
whose address is
2. Judgment debt
The judgment or order required the judgment debtor to pay £ (including any
costs and interest). The amount now due is £ [which includes further
£ of the instalments due under the judgment or order has fallen due and remains
The judgment or order did not provide for payment by instalments.
3. Third party
The third party is within England and Wales and owes money to (or holds money to the credit of) the
judgment debtor.
The third party is a bank or building society.
Its name is
Its head office address in England and Wales is:
The branch at which the account is held is
not known
whose address is
The account number is The sort code is
not known not known
Third Party
In the
Claim no.
Appn. no.Fee Account no.
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[The third party is not a bank or building society.
the third party is
whose address in England and Wales is
4. Other persons’ interests
The persons (in addition to the judgment debtor) who have a claim to the money owed by the third
party are
The following: (names and address(es))
Information known about each person’s claim:
5. Sources and grounds of information
The judgment creditor knowns or believes that the information in section 3 and 4 is correct because:
6. Other applications
In respect of the judgment debt,
the judgment creditor has made no other applications for third party debt orders.
the judgment creditor has already made the following application(s) for third party debt order:
Details of application(s)
Third party’s name
Statement of Truth
*I believe (the judgment creditor believes) that the facts stated in this application form are true.
*I am duly authorised by the judgment creditor to sign this statement
signed _________________________________ date __________________
*(Judgment creditor)(Litigation friend (where judgment creditor is a child or a patient))(Judgment creditors solicitor)
*delete as appropriate
Full name ___________________________________________________
Name of judgment creditors solicitors firm ______________________________________
position or office held ______________________________ (if signing on behalf of a firm or company)
Judgment creditors or if applicable
judgment creditors Ref. no.
solicitors address to fax no.
which documents DX no.
should be sent. e-mail
Tel. no.
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