2001 City Hall Date Received By Commission:
65 Niagara Square
Buffalo, New York 14201 ___________________
Application for the Acceptance of Public Art and/or Monuments
1. Must be fully completed prior to presentation at a Buffalo Arts Commission
2. The Buffalo Arts Commission requires a 60 day period to act on an item
3. Until written approval has been obtained, do not execute the project
4. No official contract with a vendor should be done prior to approval
5. Installations must be approved by the Public Works Division of Engineering
6. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
Date ____________________________________
Contact Information
Group or Organization _________________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
City _______________________ State _______ Zip code __________
Telephone number _______________________________________
Email address ________________________________________________________________________
Contact Name _______________________________
Title or role in project ___________________________________________________________________
Contact phone number(s)________
Nature of Request
Commissioning or donating a work of art for the public inventory
Adding to (or altering) an existing work of art in the public inventory
Memorial, monument or historical marker
Other (relocation, conservation/preservation treatments, etc.)
Details of the Project
Feel free to attach additional sheets as necessary
For the application to be considered you must include the following
Accurate technical drawings including measurements, specific media and materials, photographs and/or
renderings of the proposed work of art.
This should include:
1. multiple views of the artwork as well as
2. a digital photographic image of how the proposed art/monument would appear in the
proposed location.
Name of the artist(s)___________________________________________________________________
Is the work of art a:
Plaque/historical marker
Sculpture or statue
Mural or painting
Decorative Object
Other __________________
Is there any text/copy associated with the project? If so please include exact wording, placement and font
What is the significance of the proposed work of art, plaque or marker?
1. Please attach a typewritten description.
2. If the work is to be a memorial, please refer to the back page.
Where is the specific location of the proposed addition to the public art inventory?
Please include:
1. a photograph and description of the proposed location
2. as well as a map of the area (a printed map, such as one obtained from the internet, is preferable).
If there is more than one potential choice, please include all locations that are under consideration.
Who is the owner of the site?
City of Buffalo
Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency
Other __________________
Is the site in a designated preservation district? Yes
If yes, please contact the City of Buffalo Preservation Board at (716) 851-4064.
Will the project require lighting, water service or other utility connections? Yes
If yes, please contact the City of Buffalo Traffic Engineering at (716) 851-5366.
Is the site in a public street, sidewalk or right of way? Yes
If yes, please contact the City of Buffalo Traffic Engineering at (716) 851-5366.
Is the site in the City of Buffalo parks system? Yes
If yes, please contact the City of Buffalo Division of Parks at (716) 851-5553.
Is the site in a City of Buffalo building or structure? Yes
If yes, please contact the City of Buffalo Division of Buildings (716) 851-5850.
All specifications for installations, additions to monuments or conservation treatments are subject to the approval
of the applicable City of Buffalo departments, boards and agencies.
If from the Preservation Board, please provide the meeting date of approval. Also, Preservation Board approval
may be acquired after the Arts Commission has approved the design.
If approval has been given from the Department of Public Works, Parks and Streets please include signature. Also,
DPW approval may be acquired after the Arts Commission has approved the design.
______________________________ ___________________________ ________________________
Signature Title Telephone
click to sign
click to edit
1. Timetable for the execution of the project
Design finalization ____________________________
Execution of the design ____________________________
Installation ____________________________
Dedication ____________________________
2. An estimate of complete costs associated with the work , be sure to include monies for the ongoing
maintenance of the proposed donation (10%) _____________________________________
3. Source of funding ______________________________________________________________
4. How are the funds being raised ? (grant, donations) ____________________________
5. Is there a deadline for the expenditure of funding? ________ If yes, by when? __________
City Ownership
Accepted works of art become part of the inventory under the custodial care of the City of Buffalo. The City of
Buffalo reserves the right to remove, or relocate, any work of art that is on City of Buffalo property.
The City of Buffalo Charter empowers the Buffalo Arts Commission to regulate the process of the installation of
commemorative objects on City of Buffalo property.
The Buffalo Arts Commission supports the strategic installation of memorials to commemorate people, places and
events significant to Buffalo’s history and unique identity.
Unless they are of exceptional importance to the City of Buffalo as a whole, the Buffalo Arts Commission will not
approve memorials for people, places and events before 30 years after.
Along with your application for a memorial please include:
1. A written statement on the significance of the person, group, organization, place or event to the City
of Buffalo.
2. Provide historical evidence of significance to the City of Buffalo via a bibliography citing sources such
as books, newspapers articles, medals and citations.
Buffalo Arts Commission Application Checklist
2001 City Hall Buffalo, New York 14202 716.851.5027 ebarr@city-buffalo.com
The Buffalo Arts Commission has provided this checklist of the following items to ensure that your application will
be complete and eligible for review by the Commission. If there are questions, please contact Emerson Barr at
716.851.5027 or ebarr@city-buffalo.com.
Completed all components of the application
Provided measurements and technical drawings
Provided a digital photographic representation of the art at the location
Contacted all applicable City departments
Informed the Commission of the time and place of the dedication ceremony