Loan application
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Application for a student loan for living costs in session 2020-2021
Section A Your details
Date of birth
SAAS reference number
National Insurance number
District or sub-district where your birth certificate was issued
Bank sort code
Account number
Section B Loan amount
I want to apply for a student loan for academic session 2020-2021. The total amount I want is:
Section C Loan contacts
The information in this section is collected on behalf of the Student Loans Company. You must give us the names and
address of two contacts. The first contact should normally be a relative, partner, next of kin or guardian. The second
contact can be any relationship to you, including a friend. The contacts must not live at the same address. If the
Student Loans Company cannot contact you directly, they will ask one of your loan contacts for your contact
information. The Student Loans Company will not contact the people you mention or ask for a reference or to act as
guarantors for the loan. You should inform your loan contacts that you have provided us with this information.
First contact
Second contact
Relationship to you first contact only
Phone number
You must also fill in Section D and read and sign Section E on page 2
Loan application
Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 3UT
t / 0300 555 0505 w /
Section E Student loan declaration (you must read and sign this)
SAAS will use the information you have given us in this form for the purpose of processing this claim. Further information on how
we collect, hold and process your information can be found at
We have a duty to appropriately manage public funds and we will use the information provided on this form for the prevention,
detection, investigation and reporting of crime, including Fraud. We will share this information with other bodies for these purposes.
We pass your loan information to the Student Loans Company Limited (SLC) so they know how much to pay on your behalf. The
SLC need the information we give them to process your application for a student loan. They will handle the payments and recovery
as appropriate and are the data controller for that information. The SLC will have to keep your personal information for these
purposes. The SLC may use your information to maintain or develop their systems. They will also give information to Department for
Work and Pensions to confirm your National Insurance number and personal details, and will work with HM Revenue and Customs
to collect loan repayments. SAAS and the SLC will share information with each other about your loan award.
This loan is made under made under the Education (Scotland) (Student Loan) Regulations 2007, as amended.
All the information I have entered and submitted on this form is complete and accurate, to the best of my knowledge and
I will tell SAAS and the Student Loans Company (SLC) immediately if my circumstances change in any way that might
affect the level of funding to which I am entitled.
I understand that if I give SAAS false, incorrect or incomplete information or my conduct is otherwise unsatisfactory, SAAS
may withdraw my funding and I may be prosecuted and the SLC would seek overpayment of any sums received to which I
am not entitled.
I will repay any amounts that are lent to me, together with interest and any penalties and charges that apply, in line with the
relevant legislation as amended from time to time.
In the event that I leave the United Kingdom, I will tell SAAS and the SLC and provide them with my new and any
subsequent contact details until my loan is fully repaid.
I understand that the law under which the loan(s) are made to me shall be governed by Scots law and I will submit to the
jurisdiction of the courts of Scotland provided that this shall not limit the Scottish Ministers’ rights to take proceedings
against me in another court of competent jurisdiction.
I understand that SLC will check my National Insurance number and relevant information with the Department for Work and
Pensions (DWP). If you do not know your National Insurance number, or if the DWP cannot confirm the number you give,
DWP will trace your number and give it to SAAS and the SLC.
I understand that the information I have provided will be used for the prevention and detection of crime and I understand
SAAS and SLC will share this information with other bodies for these purposes.
I have read and understood the booklet Student loans - A guide to terms and conditions
I have read, understand and agree to the above statement
Section D Term-time address
If your term-time address is different from your home address, please write your term-time address in the box below:
If you have entered a term-time address above, do you want the Student Loans Company to send correspondence to this address
rather than your home address? Please tick one of the boxes below.