Application for a permit to keep more than 2
dogs at an urban address in Masterton district
An application fee of $55 will apply for all first time permits which is not
refundable if the permit is declined.
I am applying for permission to keep dogs, as listed below, at the above address.
Please tick which permit you are applying for
Permit for more than 2 dogs Registered Breeders Permit
A breeder’s permit allows the owner to keep entire dogs at the discounted rate for desexed
dogs. If applying for a breeders permit you must be a registered breeder with the NZKC
I agree to comply with the Masterton District Council’s requirements as set out on the reverse of
this form.
I understand that any breach if these conditions or substantiated complaints made regarding
my dogs could result in my permit being revoked and as a result being required to reduce the
number of dogs on my property
I have not previously had a Permit declined or revoked.
My dogs sleep INSIDE / OUTSIDE (strike out which does not apply)
Signed _ Date / /
Permit Conditions
A) Written approval of all the immediate neighbours will be sought by Animal Services
B) Kennels to be sited no closer than 3m (10ft) from any boundary unless approved by Authorised Officer
C) Kennels to be composed of a durable weatherproof material
D) The whole of any kennel / run is maintained in a sanitary condition at all times, and regularly cleaned at least
once a week.
E) Dogs may be housed other than in outdoor kennels, having regard to the individual circumstances of each
case, subject to any conditions that may be imposed.
F) Property is fenced in a manner to enable access to ONE door, without hindrance of dogs.
G) If your dog requires microchipping, under the Dog Control Act 1996, this must be done before a permit can be
H) If applying for a breeders permit you MUST be a NZKC registered breeder
Where any permit holder fails to comply with any Sections of the
Dog Control Act 1996 or any Bylaw, their permit may be revoked.
Should a permit be revoked, the permit holder shall be notified in writing of the
revocation and the requirement to reduce the number of dogs on the property within a
given time period.
You must notify us of any change in circumstances
You change address
You have any of your dogs desexed
Any dog leaves your care
If you or any other member of you household acquires another dog
You will only be required to reapply/update your permit if:
You move to a new urban address
Any additional dogs come to live at the address provided
There is no cost for reapplication if your permit is current