Page 1 - Application for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity - Section 87BA, Resource Management Act 1991
Description of Activity
The description of the boundary activity is:
(Insert description of the activity in sufficient detail for the Council to be satisfied that the activity is a permitted boundary under section 87AAB of the Act].
I attach a plan (drawn to scale) of the site at which the activity is to occur, showing the height, shape, and location on the site of the
proposed activity.
Application for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity
Applicant Details
Full name
Address of Applicant
Email Address*
Contact Phone Number
Postal Address
Locality of Activity
Address to which this application applies
* All Council correspondence will be sent to the email address provided.
Page 2 - Application for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity - Section 87BA, Resource Management Act 1991
Note to Applicant
You must include all information required by this form. If all information is not included, the consent authority will return this to you. The
correct information must be supplied before a written notice permitting your activity can be provided.
In order to be eligible for a deemed permitted boundary activity, the activity must meet the definition of boundary activity under section
87AAB(1) of the Act.
You must provide written approval from all owners of allotments with infringed boundaries under section 87BA(1) of the act 1991.
If all of the information required under section 87BA(1) of the Act is provided to the consent authority, the consent authority must notify you
of your permitted boundary activity within ten working days after the date on which it receives the information.
You must pay the charge (if any) payable to the consent authority for the deemed permitted boundary activity under the Act.
If signing on behalf of a trust of company, please provide additional written evidence that you have signing authority.
Send the completed application or hand in to us at:
Environmental and Planning Services
Invercargilll City Council
Private Bag 90104
I have attached written approval and a signed plan from each owner of the property with an infringed boundary.
Signature: Date:
Applicant or person authorized to sign on behalf of applicant
(A signature is not required if your provide your information by electronic means, but plans do need to be signed)
Owner of the Site
The full name(s) and address(es) of each owner (other than the applicant) of the site to which the proposed activity relates are as follows:
Owner of Infringed Property
The full name and address of each owner of a property with an infringed boundary to which the proposed activity relates is: