For Office Use Only
Certification of Eligibility
I, , certify that I am in the military service of the United States, on active duty, and that
I am presently stationed at
within the exterior boundaries of the State of New Mexico.
This active duty assignment is for the period from
to . On the basis of
Senate Bill No. 35, I request resident tuition status for beginning the University session
indicated above. I understand this waiver continues as long as the student is enrolled each regular semester (fall, spring) and active
military status persists.
Reviewed By Date
Application for Waiver of Nonresident Tuition
for Active Duty Military, New Mexico National Guard
or Foreign Active Duty Military and Dependents
Student’s Name:
Social Security No.:
Active Duty Personnel Name:
Please mark one:
Active Duty Military/Dependent
New Mexico National Guard/Dependent
Foreign Active Duty Military/Dependent
Beginning: 20
Full Name of Military Personnel
Duty Station
Month and Year
Month and Year
Myself, My Spouse, My Dependent (Choose One)
Certification of Commanding Officer
I certify that the applicant has verified the above information to me and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information is
true and correct.
Signature of Commanding Officer Rank, Title
Date Unit/Branch
Approved beginning in the: 20 term.
Denied for the following reason:
Duty assignment ended Not active duty military
Not an eligible relationship Duty assignment outside
of New Mexico
Verification of Status
I understand that this is a temporary waiver of nonresident tuition based solely on my active duty military status and that my
qualifications, my spouse’s or my dependent’s qualifications under Senate Bill No. 35 must be verified in writing to the Office of Admissions.
Signature of Military Personnel Rank, Title
Signature of Student if Spouse or Dependent City, State, Zip
Date Phone