Application for
Undergraduate Admission
Personal Information Please complete with black ink.
Legal name
Last name First name Middle initial
Previous or other
legal names
Legal mailing address
Mailing address street number or P.O. box number Apartment, room or space number
City State ZIP
Physical mailing address (if different from legal mailing address)
Home Mobile
Eastern New Mexico University uses SMS/text messaging to provide application updates,
reminders and deadlines.
I agree and consent to receive SMS/text messages to this mobile phone number.
q Yes q No
Email address
Month Day Year
City State Country
Gender q Male q Female q Non-binary
Family history Did either of your parents or guardians graduate from a community college or university? q Yes q No
This information is requested by
government agencies to demonstrate
compliance with the Civil Rights Act.
The information will not be used in a
discriminatory manner. Your response
is voluntary.
Select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself:
Hispanic/Latino of any race, and non-Hispanic Latino
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African-American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacic Islander
Two or more races
Residency Are you a New Mexico resident?
q Yes q No
If no, what is your legal state of residence?
Please attach a copy of the front
and back of your residency card
to this application.
Are you a U.S. citizen? q Yes q No
If no, list country where you hold citizenship:
If alien resident, please provide your resident alien number: A#
Military status
Active duty and dependents:
Contact Enrollment Services for
Military Waiver form.
Are you active duty military/national guard/reserves? q Yes q No
Is your spouse or are either of your parents active duty military? q Yes q No
If yes, are you, your parents or spouse stationed at Cannon Air Force Base? q
Yes q No
Are you a veteran? q Yes q No
Are you a spouse or dependent of a veteran? q Yes q No
Required for admission.
Have you ever been dismissed, suspended or restricted from entering a campus from any
college or university for disciplinary reasons (Academic dismissal does not apply)? q
Yes q No
Have you ever been charged with, convicted of, plead guilty or no contest to a felony
offense in any court, including deferred adjudication?* q
Yes q No
*You are under a continuing obligation to immediately update your response to this question if your circumstances change after you submit this application.
Financial aid
Degree-seeking students only.
Are you planning to apply for nancial aid or student loans? q Yes q No
Enrollment Information
Campus where
you plan to enroll
q Portales
q Ruidoso
q Roswell
Do you consent for your information to be shared among the three campuses in the ENMU
System? q Yes q No
(If checked yes, this authorization is good for ve years from the date of this application.)
Semester you
plan to start attending
q Fall q Spring q Summer Year:
Enrollment status
Do not include college courses taken
prior to high/home-school graduation
or GED completion.
q First enrollment in any college or university after high school graduation
q Transferring to ENMU from a college or university
q Returning – readmission after absence from ENMU
Planned course
of study
q Certicate
q Associate degree
q Bachelor’s degree
q Second bachelor’s degree
q Nondegree: not seeking an ENMU degree (not eligible for nancial aid)
q Nondegree: taking classes for fun (not eligible for nancial aid)
Field of interest
Academic interest:
Other areas of interest:
Academic Information
High school or home-
school last attended
Include dual and
concurrent enrollment.
Name City State
Did you take college courses while in high school? q Yes q No
(should not include Advanced Placement classes)
High school/home-
school graduation
High school diploma? q Yes q No
Home-school diploma? q Yes q No
Graduation date:
Month Year
Or GED completion GED certicate? q Yes q No
Certicate date:
Month Year
State tested:
Previous colleges or
universities attended
Beginning with the current or most
recent, list all colleges, universities
and technical/vocational schools you
have previously attended.
Academic regulations require
students who have registered at
other colleges or universities to
not disregard their records at such
institutions when applying for
admission to ENMU.
Not reporting all institutions attended
and not submitting a transcript may
result in delay of admission, loss of
credit or dismissal from ENMU.
College Name State From To Hours
I afrm the information I have provided on this application form and all other admission material is complete, accurate and true.
I agree to submit other materials required for this admission application and understand that failure to do so, and/or the furnishing of false,
incomplete or misleading information in connection with my admission or attendance at Eastern New Mexico University, may result in the
termination of my ENMU admission and registration.
I agree, as a student, I am subject to ENMU policies and procedures. I understand that ID cards and any services coded on the card are not
transferrable to anyone other than the student to whom the ID card is issued by the University. Only the student on the issued ID card can use the
services specic to their card including, but not limited to, meal plans.
I understand that directory information as dened by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) may be made available to the general
public. Directory information may be found at and is generally not considered harmful to the individual or an invasion of privacy.
I understand if I want to restrict my directory information, I must notify the Ofce of the Registrar in writing. I understand these restrictions will
remain in place until I give written notice to the Ofce of the Registrar to release the restrictions.
I hereby give Eastern New Mexico University permission to use my image (still photograph or video) and name for any nonprot purpose, such as
promoting the University in videos and other electronic and printed media without compensation.
Applicant signature Date
ENMU does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs, activities, employment and admission as required by Title IX and 34 C.F.R. Part 106.
Please visit for more information.
PN3869 • 11/19