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Application for Temporary Service Hold
A Service Hold is allowed for suspending garbage services due to an extended absence of at least four (4)
consecutive weeks from your residence for vacation, medical reason or other valid reason. It is not a legitimate
absence to apply for a Service Hold to avoid required garbage service. A Service Hold may not be used to share
garbage services with another unit or property. All residential properties with 1-4 units must each have service
and a garbage cart per unit.
To be eligible for a Service Hold, the request must meet the following additional requirements:
You must place the Service Hold request with your hauler at least two (2) weeks in advance of the
requested start date of the Service Hold.
The length of time for the Service Hold request must be at least four (4) consecutive weeks minimum, but
no more than 26 weeks per year.
An RDU may only be placed onto a Service Hold up to two (2) occurrences per calendar year, and the
total time service is on hold cannot exceed 26 weeks in the calendar year.
Address of the property for which a Service Hold is requested:
Unit # (if applicable):
Name of person requesting Service Hold:
Phone number: Email:
Name of property owner:
Address of property owner (if different than address for which Service Hold is requested):
What is the timeframe for the Service Hold request? (Must be submitted 2 wks prior to start of Service Hold)
Start date: ______________________ End date: ______________________
As evidenced by my signature below, I hereby represent, warrant and certify to my Trash Hauler that I am
seeking suspension of my trash collection services for the dates listed above for vacation or other traveling;
temporary employment relocation; temporary education relocation; extended absence from home due to
health reasons; or other similar temporary absence as required by the City of St. Paul Program and not to
avoid paying for trash collection.
Certification: I certify by submitting this application that the Service Hold being requested meets the
stated requirements of a Service Hold, under penalty of the City of Saint Paul City Code of Ordinances.
Signature: ______________________________________________________Date: ___________________
You will be contacted within seven (7) business days of receipt of your application with approval or denial or
request for additional information.
Please return this form to your designated hauler. Find your hauler information at
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