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Application for Room Hire
Please complete every section
1. Name of Organisation:
Name of Person in Charge:
Postal Address:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Work Phone:
Web Site Address:
Email Address:
2. Name of Person to Invoice:
Postal Address:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Purpose of Hire
Regular Booking
Start Date
Finish Date
Day of the Week Room (s) Required Start Time End Time
Will this booking include School Holidays? Yes No
4. Occasional Booking
Room (s) Required Start Time End Ti
Please include set-up and clean-up time.
5. Do you have Public Liability Insurance of at least $ 10 million?
Yes Expiry Date A copy of the Insurance Certificate must be given to Management.
No You require Public Liability Insurance through Maroondah City Council. This insurance will be organised
at the Central Ringwood Community Centre office. M.C.C. Public Liability Insurance Certificate Number
6. Number of People Attending (approx)
Adults Children
7. Will alcohol be consumed at the Function?
Centre Manager of the Central Ringwood Community Centre is to sight your licence to sell and / or “B.Y.O.” See
further information on Page 2.
Please Turn Over……
Bedford Park,
Rosewarne Lane,
Ringwood 3134
Tel/Fax: 03 9870 2602
ABN: 82 757 628 466
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8. Hire Costs
Fee $
Bond $
9. Special Requirements
10. Additional Information
11. Key Card Issued
Key number
12. Key Card Returned
13. Do you require Wi-Fi Access? Yes
If you need Wi-Fi, a password must
be arranged prior to your booking.
I acknowledge that:
I have read and understood the conditions of Hiring the Central Ringwood Community Centre Inc
Where the Hirer is a company or Incorporated Association, I am authorised by the Hirer to complete the
application form on the Hirer’s behalf.
I am personally responsible for ensuring that the Hirer complies with the conditions of hiring the Complex, and if
the Hirer Breaches any of the conditions of hiring the Complex, I will be personally responsible for any such
breaches, including any damage to the Complex.
I / We,
(Print Name /s in Full)
Identification and signature verification
(Licence Sighted)
Witnessed at Central Ringwood Community Centre Inc by:
Name in Full
A Liquor Licence is required for the sale of alcohol.
A Liquor Licence is required if the alcohol is “B.Y.O
If Members pay a door entry and / or Annual Fees and the club/ committee provide the alcohol this is
seen to be “selling alcohol” and you will need a Licence.
For information re liquor licences please refer to the Victorian Government Website
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Thank you for choosing Central Ringwood Community Centre for your function. Please read these Conditions of Hire
carefully as they have been designed to ensure the protection of the Centre and to keep hiring costs to a minimum.
1.1. All applications for the hiring of Central Ringwood Community Centre including the Community Hall shall be
made through the Centre Manager.
1.2. All applicants shall receive a copy of the Hire Agreement and Conditions of Hire.
The Centre Manager:
2.1. Has the right to vary or cancel the Hire Agreement in the event of any breach of the same.
2.2. Has the absolute right to vary or cancel part or all of the Hire Agreement to allow continuation of Centre
2.3. Has the right of access at all times.
2.4. Has the absolute authority to deal immediately with any dispute arising from the hire of the Centre and
2.5. Has the absolute authority to deny any undesirable person/s access to the premises.
3.1. The hiring fees for all Hire shall be determined by the C.R.C.C. Centre Manager and may be varied or waived at
the discretion of the Centre Manager.
3.2. Confirmation of a booking for Hire shall occur only upon receipt of a completed Application to Hire and payment
of the deposit as advised by the Centre Manager.
3.3. All monies due must be paid in full prior to the commencement of any Hire, including the balance of hiring fees
and bond monies and only then will access to the Centre be provided.
3.4. Quarterly Invoices will be sent to Regular Hirers.
3.5. The method of payment of all monies is by Cheque, Cash payments, EFTPOS eg. credit cards over the phone or
in the office or EFT direct payment into bank account. Contact the centre for more details.
3.6. A hiring bond shall be payable on all Hires, as determined by the Centre Manager and will be refunded by
cheque, upon satisfactory completion of the hire and in accordance with the Agreement to Hire.
3.7. All monies due in regard to Venue Hire must be paid in accordance with the Schedule of Hire or access may be
denied (see Clause 2.1.): and
3.8. Booking cancellations or changes must be notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to date of hire. In the case of
cancellation of a confirmed booking, a fee of $ 20.00 shall be payable and will be deducted from the deposit.
Should the required notice not be given, a penalty 25% of the agreed fee for the hire shall be applicable. If a
booking is cancelled without the required notice, a penalty of 40% of the agreed hire fee shall be applicable.
4.1. Neither the Council or any person acting on behalf of the Council, affiliated bodies, staff or other employees shall
be liable for any loss, damage or legal inability incurred by the Hirer, and
4.2. The Hirer shall be aware that Public Liability Insurance Coverage is not provided and therefore the responsibility
of the Hirer, Maroondah Council can provide Public Liability Insurance cover (see Centre Manager for details and
The Hirer SHALL NOT:
5.1. Sub-let the premises or any part thereof;
5.2. Attach anything to the walls, ceilings, floors or any part of the building without the written permission of the
Centre Manager.
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5.3. Allow any unauthorised alterations to the building or any part thereof, including the use of screws, nails, fixtures
or similar fittings.
5.4. Allow any unacceptable, unreasonable or dangerous behaviour of any kind.
5.5. Cause or allow anything to be done which may affect any insurance policies pertaining to the Centre and /or its
5.6. Allow any unauthorised or illegal use of the premises, including illegal activities.
5.7. Allow or cause unacceptable, unreasonable or excessive levels of noise to be reached.
5.8. Allow any users/guests to smoke, use drugs or other controlled substances within the confines of the Central
Ringwood Community Centre.
5.9. Allow the use of any barbecue, spit or other portable cooking equipment within the premises or attached
5.10. Cause or allow to be caused any damage to the building or its outside structures.
The Hirer SHALL:
6.1. Ensure that the premises are vacated punctually at the close of the function/hire, as per the Hire Agreement. A
penalty of $ 30 per half-hour or part thereof will be charged if this condition is not met.
6.2. Ensure that, in the event of an evening Hire, all guests must have vacated the premises no later than 12.30 a.m.
the following morning (or as otherwise
stated in the Hire Agreement). Cleaning of the premises shall be
completed no later than 1.00 am at the end of the function. A penalty of $30 per half hour or part thereof will be
deducted from the bond if this condition is not met.
3. Ensure that all cleaning is completed at the conclusion of the function/hire. This includes all kitchen utensils,
appliances, equipment and furniture, sweeping (and where necessary, washing) the kitchen, toilet and entry
floors, vacuuming all carpeted areas including the hallway, securing all rubbish in the garbage bags provided and
removing all decorations, empty cans, bottles, hard rubbish, cartons and other equipment is the responsibility of
the Hirer. All furniture and cleaning equipment must be returned to original positions and storage areas, and the
hirer must take bagged rubbish off premises. Hirer must supply replacement garbage bags.
6.4. Pay any charges levied for cleaning of the premises, as may be deemed necessary by the Manager or duly
authorised person, after inspection of the premises following the function/hire. Such charges will be deducted
from the bond monies, or billed to the Hirer.
6.5. Ensure the caterers, hired staff, users and guests take all reasonable precautions and/or contents against spillage
or other stains and damage.
6.6. Ensure that Council regulations regarding excessive noise be adhered to, with no loud music after 12.00 am.
Premises to be vacated by 12.30 am.
6.7. Arrange that all users/guests use the appropriate car parking facilities.
6.8. Be responsible for the care, safety and use of all equipment brought into the premises during the function/hire.
6.9. Be prompt when picking up or returning the key to the Centre Manager as arranged prior to commencement of
The hirer is solely responsible for ensuring the following security measures are followed at the completion of the function
7.1. All internal and external doors are to be locked and properly secured.
7.2. All rooms and toilets are to be checked and secured. Windows must be shut and properly locked.
7.3. All lights must be switched off
7.4. All heaters/air conditioners, ovens and similar appliances used during the function hire must be switched off.
7.5. Keys If lost or stolen the user group will be responsible for replacement costs. This could also include, (if
necessary) the costs to replace door locks etc. Report all missing keys immediately to Centre Manager.
7.6. Damage to property, furniture and /or equipment to be reported to Centre Manager immediately. If appropriate,
groups will be required to cover the cost of repair or replacement.
8.1. With the exception of public holidays, beginning and end of year dates and special occasions, all other weekly
sessions are to be paid for irrespective to your group operating that night or not.
8.2. Key update forms and information plus “Hire of Venue” forms with information are to be revised annually. A
schedule of cleaning responsibilities is attached.
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ousekeeping Guidelines For All Users Of The
Central Ringwood Community Centre
ROOMS 1 / 2, 3 / 4 and 10
a) G
round level -Central Heating Controls (18 - 19 ° C is sufficient) main passage on wall outside Room 2.
b) Upstairs - Heating. Turn on power at wall, pull flap down on heater press button, green light will come on.
Temperature - move button to the middle of gauge. (DO NOT touch timer on the right).
c) When moving tables, please lift. Do not drag across floor. Please do not stack chairs.
d) All “craft” type classes Please check that the carpet is clean and the tables are clean. (Glue to be washed off tables)
and No Paint to be left on tables.
e) Cooking Activities tables are washed and carpet cleaned. Vacuum cleaner is in cupboard in Room 2 (see staff fo
eys) / or front door key opens cupboard.
If people have
walked mud and dirt through the Centre. Please clean the floors. Foyer to be free of dirt etc.
) Kitchen - all cups etc to be washed, wiped and put away. (Or placed in dishwasher). Benches to be cleaned.
Bathrooms / toilets are to be kept clean and free from rubbish at all time.
i) F
irst Aid equipment kit is in passageway cupboard near Room 2. Any accidents occurring on these premises are to be
recorded in detail in accident book.
j) Please read and draw students’ attention to the evacuation procedures. Evacuation sheets are on walls in rooms etc.
Ask everyone to read them.
a) To
ys are to be sorted and packed away correctly. Please do not mix everything in together.
b) Tables cleaned using disinfectant or nifty etc.
c) Chairs cleaned using disinfectant or nifty etc.
d) Carpet vacuumed
e) Vinyl wet mopped
f) All rubbish to be placed in outside bins
g) Wash, dry and put away cups etc.
h) Clean paint, glue pots and brushes left-over paint and glue returned to the refrigerator
i) Return CD player to the cupboard
j) Place all soiled smocks, towels etc in Laundry basket.
k) All sandpit toys and equipment to be packed away neatly in the outdoor shed.
l) Paths to be swept
m) Turn off all lights and heating when leaving
Other detailed instructions are listed in the Playgroup Room
The contracted cleaners clean the buildings three times per week. All groups are aware of their cleaning responsibilities.
We encourage you to draw up rosters and share these duties. Groups may incur cleaning costs if buildings are not left
clean after your sessions.
Mop or sweep floor, wipe tables free of spills and food. Remove all rubbish.
Vacuum or broom carpet. Wipe all tables and chairs, removing spills, crumbs and other marks. Remove all rubbish.
Vacuum Cleaner in cupboard in the cleaners’ room.
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A. Remove all dirt, fluff, and dust, with orange dust mops or broom.
B. Wash all spills, sticky spots, and white powder from floor.
C. Stack all chairs along front wall.
D. Return all tables to trolleys.
E. Remove all crumbs and food from chairs. Please do not allow people to stand on chairs.
F. If your group’s activities are responsible for the ball and scuff marks on front of stage, cupboards and walls, please
remove the marks at the end of each session.
G. Remove all rubbish.
H. Large Functions: Rubbish and bottles etc are to be removed from the property.
Wash, wipe all cups, plates, glasses etc or use the dishwasher.
Wipe all benches free from food, sugar, spills etc. (Soapy water or Nifty)
Stove - wipe top free from all stains.
Clean oven.
Clean sinks with Ajax.
Pie-warmer - wipe out, remove all food and crumbs etc. remove all greasy
marks. Microwave Oven wipe any splashes or spills
Fridge wipe inside if there are spills, remove all food.
Floor sweep and wet mop any spills and marks.
Remove all rubbish.
Please follow all Food Handling guidelines.
Sweep or mop floors if necessary, remove any paper from floors, wash basins to be clean, no dirt or make-up stains.
Please make sure all lights and heaters and air-conditioners are turned off when leaving. We are still finding lights in
toilets and heaters / cooling have been left on over night.
a general rule...
Hall, Room 6, Room 7 Hirers are to use ….
1) The large car park, side of building.
2) Parking around Ballet Studio
3) Next to Railway Line
Same as above, except Ballet Studio parking may not be available 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm weeknights.
Other Parking may be available depending how busy the rest of the Centre is.
All windows to be shut.
Heaters all to be turned OFF.
Hot water unit to be left on.
All lights off (security light remains on).
Fans off, Air Conditioner Off.
Centre is clean and tidy - furniture replaced according to illustration provided.
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person should be left on their own at night outside.
Lock all cars and do not leave valuables in car.
Park cars in front of the building under lights.
When office is not occupied office door is to be kept locked.
Keep front door locked while classes are in progress. Front door is to be locked if staff are not in the front office (after
office hours).
Please note that there is a front door bell if people are locked out.
is the person-in-charge’s responsibility to inform their participants of the security guidelines.
Cath Collopy, CRCC Centre Manager
Central Ringwood Community Centre office
Maroondah City Council
0490 101 394
9870 2602
1300 88 22 33
Taxi 132227
C.R.C.C.’s website address is See printable form on the “contact us” page
ase contact the Centre Manager if you have any concerns and / or require information.
We h
ope that you continue to enjoy the excellent facilities at the Central Ringwood Community Centre.