Information for support agencies
Additional priority may be awarded if the information provided indicates that the current
accommodation is having an adverse effect on your client’s wellbeing and a move to more
suitable property would considerably improve their current circumstances. The property may also
require an assessment from an Occupational Therapist to ensure it is suitable or can be suitably
Additional priority will not be awarded if the current difficulties are as a result of your
clients own actions.
Please return your completed form to:
Wigan Council
Homefinder Service
PO Box 48,
Please complete the details below on behalf of the person applying for welfare priority.
Application for Rehousing
on Welfare Grounds
Office Use Ref No
Date Stamp
Date of Birth
Mobile Telephone Number
Home Telephone Number
Completing the Form on behalf of your client
Section A – Details about your client and their home
Section B – Welfare Priority
Please complete all the necessary sections of this form and sign it. If information is
missing, we will be unable to fully assess your clients’ needs.
Section A - Details about your clients’ home
1. If they live in a flat, is there a lift in the building?
3. Where is their toilet? (please tick one or more boxes)
4. Where is their bathroom? (please tick one or more boxes)
5. Where is their bedroom?
How many steps are there at their front door entrance?
Downstairs Same Floor
Downstairs Same Floor
Downstairs Same Floor
Number of bedrooms in their current property
Number of bedrooms available to them
How long have they lived at this address?
If they are lodging or have no fixed abode please explain why they left their last settled
10. Please give details below of their last address detailing when they left & the type of tenure.
Address Date left Tenure type, e.g.
renting, owner, etc.
11. What areas are they requesting to move to? Please state the part of Wigan Borough by area
name e.g. Scholes, Howe Bridge, Marsh Green, Higher Folds, Atherton etc.
13a. Have they ever served in the Armed Forces?
Please give any specific details of the property type or location of the accommodation they are
looking for, if they are moving to be closer to family support please give address of who they
wish to live closer to.
b. If ‘yes’ please give details
c. If they or their partner are serving or have formerly served in the Armed Forces, please
provide details of their service number
Section B - Welfare Priority
Please tell us why your client wants to move and how this will improve their current
circumstances. Please tell us if they or you have reported their circumstances to any other
If they are a current Wigan Council tenant and repair work is required at their home or they are
experiencing neighbour nuisance problems please contact the Contact Centre Tel: (01942) 489005
If your client is a Wigan Council tenant and they are experiencing financial difficulties, please
contact the Financial Support Team Tel: (01942) 489005 or e-mail:
If your client is a private sector tenant experiencing affordability issues or they are threatened with
homelessness, please contact the Housing Options Team Tel:(01942) 489005.
If they are a private tenant and they are experiencing problems with the condition of their home, we
recommend that they contact the Council’s Private Sector Housing Team (01942) 489220 or
Name of Support Worker
Contact Number
Contact Email
Agency Address
The Council holds personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations
(GDPR). We hold your personal data as set out in our Data Primary Privacy Notice and Council /
Social Housing Privacy Notice which can be viewed on the Council’s website
. If
you would like any guidance please contact
This information can be made available in large print or other formats. Please
telephone 01942 489005 for more information.
People with hearing difficulties who have a Minicom can contact us through the
typetalk operator by putting 18001 in front of any of our telephone numbers.
The following phrases say:
If you do not read or speak English and need help understanding this information
please leave a message on our community language line and an interpreter will
ring you back.
Francais - Si vous ne pouvez pas lire ou parler l’Anglais et avez besoin d’aide pour
comprendre ces informations, veuillez laisser un message sur la messagerie
téléphonique de notre service Linguistique en Ligne (Language Line) au 01942
488433 et un interprète vous rappellera