Application for Property File Review and Bianchi Report
This application is to be used to initiate a review of the City’s records and determine the status of any existing
permits or violations on a property. This request is typically done when a property is being sold or transferred
to new ownership, but can be done at any time. The resulting report (often referred to as the “Bianchi Report”)
will be used as the basis for the preparation of a compliance memo. When completed, the memo will be
provided to the person or persons indicated below and recorded in the City of Winooski’s Land Records. Please
complete this application and return it to City Hall with applicable payment. Processing will be delayed for
incomplete applications.
Type of Report you are requesting:
Regular Report
$115.00 ($100.00 +$15.00 recording fee, non- refundable)
Rushed Report (less than 5 days given)
$165.00 ($150.00 + $15.00 recording fee, non-refundable)
Property Address _________________________________________________
Closing Date
(if applicable)
___________________ Year Acquired ________
Residential # of units ________ # of bedrooms ________
Non-residential Use ____________
Printed Name of Owner _____________________________________
Printed Name of Agent _____________________________________
Mailing Address _____________________________________ Phone ___________________
Email Address
(where the final memo should be sent)
Owner/Agent Signature _______________________________ Date ____________________
Date Received ________________ Parcel Code ____________
Fee Paid $____________
Date Delivered for Recording ________________
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