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Application for New Student Club/Organization
Name of Proposed Club/Organization______________________________________________
Student Contact NECC ID Phone
Proposed Meeting date, time and locations _____________________________________________________
Please answer the following questions (you may use the reverse side of this form to complete)
What is the main purpose of the Club/Organization?
How do you plan to publicize your Club/Organization activities at both campuses?
What events do you hope to plan for the student body to take part in?
Are there any membership requirements?
Please develop a constitution to attach to this form. Submit it to the Coordinator of Student Activities, SC 215 in
Haverhill or L 134 in Lawrence to be on the next available Student Government Association agenda for
We formally request to become a registered Student Organization at NECC.
Student contact signature_____________________________________________ Date__________________
Advisor Signature____________________________________________________Date__________________
For Office Use:
Student Government Associatio Date
Coordinator of Student Activities Date
Dean/AVP of Student Affairs Date
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