Updated on 3/2016
Application for Graduation
Attach a printout of a self-service CAPP Degree Evaluation
(or Program Planning Sheet for students with a catalog term before Fall 2005)
Date: Student Banner ID#:
Name: (first) (middle) (last)
Print your LEGAL name as it appears in MyCommNet.
Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip Code:
Diplomas will be mailed 6-8 weeks after the degree has been awarded. Please update address in MyCommNet.
Home Phone #: Work/Cell Phone #:
E-mail address:
Graduation: Spring Graduation May Fall Graduation December
Commencement Ceremony NO Commencement Ceremony
(application deadline 4/30) (application deadline 11/30)
Degree or Certificate: Associate in Science Associate in Arts Certificate
Program: Catalog Term: ___
Have you found employment as a result of this degree or in your field of study: Yes No
Company & Title:
Are you transferring to another college: Yes No College:
For Counselors and/or Academic Advisors (Students do not fill out this section)
Substitutions or Exemptions: (Approval form must be on file with Registrar or attached to this application.)
For For
For For
Anticipated Transfer Courses: (not currently listed on transcript)
School Course School Course
For Registrar’s Office Use Degree Sequence #:
In-Progress & Remaining Courses: Final Standing: Status Codes:
GPA: 1.
Credits: 2.
Honors: 3.
Updated on 3/2016
Spring Applicants: Your application can indicate one remaining course requirement for degree completion. This
requirement must be completed by December 31 of the current year. If the course is completed before the start of the
next fall semester, you will be considered a May graduate. If the course is completed after the start of the next fall
semester but before December 31, you will be considered a December graduate and the degree will be dated
December 31. If the course is not taken at Capital, a transcript must be sent no later than December 31. Degrees will
post on your transcript and diplomas will be mailed within 6-8 weeks after the degree has been awarded.
Fall Applicants: All degree requirements must be completed by the end of the fall semester. Degrees will be dated
December 31 and will post on your transcript. Diplomas will be mailed within 6-8 weeks after the degree has been
awarded. There is no commencement ceremony for fall applicants. However, you will be invited to participate in the
following spring’s commencement ceremony.
I acknowledge that to be eligible for graduation I must meet all requirements of the program, as described in the
college catalog, for my catalog term including a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Official Transcripts for any transfer courses in
progress must be sent immediately to Enrollment Services after completion.
Student’s Signature: Date:
Advisor’s Signature: Date:
FERPA CONSENT Purpose: Announce the successful completion of my academic course of study
I acknowledge that by signing this consent I give CCC permission to print my name and degree/certificate in the
commencement program and local newspapers and to have my academic degree/certificate announced at the
graduation ceremony if I choose to attend. I also give CCC permission to publish any photographs of me that may be
taken at commencement, if I choose to attend, to be used by the college as a part of its publicity and marketing
efforts. Questions regarding this release should be directed to the Registrar.
Student’s Signature: Date: