September 2019
Application for Full-Time Continuation Status
The normal status for continuation students is part-time. Under exceptional circumstances, and for a limited period of
time, a continuation student may be identified as full-time.
In order for full-time status to apply, students will normally:
1. be geographically available to the university,
2. visit the campus regularly,
3. not be engaged in full-time employment (on or off campus) and
4. be in pursuit of their studies as a full-time occupation.
Students requesting full-time continuation status are required to complete and sign the attached disclosure. The form must
be endorsed by the Supervisor, authorized by the Program Coordinator, and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies
and Research. Students will only be contacted if there are questions about the eligibility for full-time status. It is a serious
offense for an individual applying for full-time continuation status to misrepresent themself in regard to the above
Student: Fill out sections 1 to 5
1. Provide your name and contact information
Student’s Name
Student #
Phone #
2. Identify your program
3. Identify the terms for which you seek full-time status
September to December
January to April
May to August
4. Please provide a justification for this request. Include your employment situation, availability to
the campus/supervisor, research/writing activities for the requested period and your anticipated
program completion date. (Attach a separate page if needed)
September 2019
5. Sign the following declaration
I am a full-time student: geographically available to the university; visit campus regularly; am NOT
working full time (on or off campus); and am pursuing my studies on a full time basis. I understand that
it is a serious offense to misrepresent my status.
Supervisor: Fill out section 6
6. Sign the following declaration
I support the student’s request for full time status and confirm, to the best of my ability, that they are
working full time on their program and visit campus regularly.
Program Co-ordinator: Fill out section 7
7. Complete the checklist
Student has been registered for all semesters since admission and is currently registered
Student’s CGPA is at least 3.00
Student has achieved a passing grade in all courses
I support the student’s request for full-time status
Return form to:
Saint Mary’s University
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
923 Robie Street, Atrium Building, Suite 210
Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3
FGSR use: Approved: Yes No
Signature: _______________________________
Date: ___________________________________
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