Application for Experience Plus Credit
When do I
use an Experience Plus Credit request form?
An Experience Plus Credit form can be used for current/applicant students who demonstrate that they
have already acquired, through life experience such as job training, non-college courses, etc., course
knowledge required for the degree program in which they are enrolled.
are some guidelines I need to be aware of before submitting this type of request?
There are three main types of Professional Training & Life Experience.
1. Automatic Credit for Job Training - In this case, credit may be awarded directly for job training,
based on a precedent that has been established by our university. Credit will also be awarded to
individuals with certificates or licenses in the following areas: aviation, law enforcement, insurance,
real estate, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).
2. Credit Recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) - If you have been awarded
with a certificate or license that is recognized by ACE (e.g. Dale Carnegie), you may be eligible for
credit. Learn more about ACE
3. Credit for Life Experience through the Experience Plus Portfolio Process - In other cases, students
will need to petition for credit through the portfolio process. This process is recommended for
students who have extensive life experience but are unable to earn automatic credit for job training.
Learn how to earn credit through the portfolio process at
experience-by-portfolio/. Experience Plus credit is limited to a maximum of 30 hours unless
otherwise approved.
t earned through this process will not be counted toward the required minimum of 30 hours of
credit that must be completed through Liberty University.
do I submit this request?
1. Compl
ete this form, listing all attached documents.
2. Attach copies of all documents that you would like to be evaluated for Experience Plus. This should
include certifications, licenses, or exam results.
3. Scan and email this application along with copies of documents to
Who evaluates my request and how long does it take to process?
The Experience Plus Coordinator and/or Subject Matter Expert (SME). The process can take up to 5
business days.
Application for Experience Plus Credit
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