Application for Educational Assistance
For University Librarians and Archivists
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ourse Title: Course Number:
This course is part of a: Degree Diploma Certificate
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Course Duration: Tuition:
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I am planning to take this
course. Is it covered under the
Employment Assistance
I am seeking a reimbursement
for this course. I have
attached my grade report and
fee bill and/or receipt and
certificate of attendance (if
non-credit course).
Tuition Advance (UWO courses
I am applying for a Tuition
Advance. A copy of the fee
I have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of accepting Tuition Advance(s) in accordance
with the
Educational Assistance
Article in the Librarians/Archivists Collective Agreement.
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University Librarian/Dean Signature: Date:
Approval must be returned to member within 10 working days.
Member to submit to Human Resources - Support Services Building, Room 5100.
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FOR UWO CREDIT COURSES ONLY: To Office of the Registrar SLB 190
Student Number:
Student Name: ,
Please debit the tuition fee of $ to the Educational Assistance Account for the above student. The
student is responsible for the Activity/Ancillary Fees, Supplementary Fees and all other non-tuition fee. If
the student drops or withdraws from the course, any refund should be credited back to the Educational
Assistance Account. Thank you.
Ref. No.
Course Title/Course Number: .
Prepared By:
Approved By: Date: .
1. The Educational Assistance Plan encourages career development by providing financial assistance to
Members who pursue additional education and qualifications.
2. All Members, with Probationary or Continuing Appointment, including Members granted Education
Leave, are eligible to apply for Education Assistance.
2.1 Education Assistance is available to those Members who have an active Appointment at the
beginning and completion of the course.
2.1.1 Course completion date is the last day classes are held or the exam date, whichever is later.
2.2. The courses(s) must be related to the present work duties or anticipated career plan for the
individual within the University. A course is defined as a series of academic lectures which culminates in
an examination and/or grade being awarded. The education must be primarily of benefit to the
3. Subject to Clauses 2, 2.1, 2.2, 4 and 5 of this Article, the Employer shall reimburse Members for the
tuition fee of any course taken at The University of Western Ontario or at another accredited post-
secondary educational institution, upon successful completion of the course.
4. Tuition fees eligible for payment do not include any supplementary expenses or fees, ancillary fees,
program specific fees or other supplemental expenses such as books, lab fees or activity fees, etc.
5. The maximum reimbursement for any Member shall be $4,000 per Fiscal Year.
6. Subject to Clause 5 above, the Employer shall pay in advance the tuition fees of any courses taken at
The University of Western Ontario by Members who have successfully completed a course for credit at
The University of Western Ontario.
7. Should a Member resign, retire or be terminated for just cause within one (1) year of the end of the
course, or should the Member not successfully complete the course, the Member shall be liable for the
tuition of the course. At the Employer’s discretion, repayment may be made by payroll deduction.
8. Application for Education Assistance shall be made to the University Librarian or Dean on the
application form provided, at least one (1) month in advance of the commencement of the course.
Applications will be responded to within ten (10) working days. Once the course has been completed,
proof of successful completion and the tuition fee receipt must be submitted to the University Librarian or
Dean for reimbursement.
9. This benefit will be treated as tax exempt under the conditions of this Article; however, the Member
accepts responsibility for any subsequent adverse determination by CRA.
10. If a course is to be taken during normal working hours, the University Librarian or Dean shall consult
with the Member's immediate supervisor regarding the Member's working schedule.
11. The University Librarian or Dean may request that a Member take certain courses of study or
seminars which would be advantageous to both the Member and the Employer. If the Member agrees to
take such a course, seminar or workshop, the Employer shall bear the full cost and the Member shall
have sufficient time away from his or her responsibilities to pursue the course.
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