Application for
Certificate of Graduate Study in Adult Education
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Adult Education courses will be taken:
Total Requirements (18)
Core (12)
CAHA 500 The Nature of Adult and Higher Education (3)
CAHA 501 Adult Learning: Maturity Through Old Age (3)
CAHA 502 Educating Culturally Diverse Adults (3)
CAHA 540 Curriculum and Program Development In Adult Education (3)
Additional Course Work (6)
CAHA 530
Instructional Theory and Practice in Teaching Adults (3)
CAHA 575 Policy Studies in Adult Education (3)
CAHA 581
Community Project Development and Adult Education (3)
CAHA 700
Seminar in Adult and Higher Education (3)
May be taken twice for up to 6 semester hours.
CAHA 710
Evaluating Adult Education Programs (3)
CAHA 761
Adult Learning in Social Movements: Building Civil Society (3)
CAHE 572 or
ETR 572x
Assessment Methods in Higher Education (3)
Seminars must be directly related to adult education and approved by the adult education certificate coordinator.
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Revised 4/11