Dear Honolulu Community College Admissions and Records Department;
I am requesting to roll my application information over from Fall/Summer/Spring (circle a
term) _____ to Fall/Summer/Spring (circle a term) _____.
(year) (year)
Thank you,
UH Student ID Number
New Major & Degree Type (if changing)
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Application Roll Over Request Form
Last Revised: 7/11/2018 (FT)
Please Note: Students are eligible for a roll over request for over a span of two years, from 2016 only, moving forward. HonCC
must have been the students last home campus. We look at both the students last year of acceptance and/or the students last
year of registraon. If a students record is inacvated in the system for any reason, the student will need to resubmit another
online applicaon. The fall term deadline is August 1, and spring term is December 15. Please ask about summer term deadlines.
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