Richard F. Reicherter Scholarship
NAME _________________________________ Cumulative GPA:_______
List your month & year of expected graduation from Emporia State ______________________________
E - NUMBER: __________________________
1. Describe how you have demonstrated strong leadership during college and what motivates you
as a leader.
2. List specific leadership positions you currently hold within student organizations. Also, list
leadership positions you have previously held in student organizations.
3. Discuss ways that you actively promote leadership development with other students at Emporia
State University. Please include descriptions of significant programs you have worked with that
focused on leadership development.
4. Consider a successful leadership development program you have worked on. Describe the
purpose of the program, the participants, and how you executed the program. What did you
learn from this experience? Explain why the program was important in developing leadership
with students.
5. List community service projects in which you have participated.
6. Describe why community service is important to you. Why are you motivated to pursue
community service? Why is it meaningful to you?
7. Define what the term “service” means to you. How do you embody this as a student at
Emporia State University?
8. Why do you think academic success is important? List all academic awards or honors you
have received that demonstrate high academic success.
9. What core values and principles guide you as a leader?
10. Why would you be a good candidate for this scholarship? How does your experience align
with the 3 core principles of Blue Key: Scholarship, Service and Leadership?
Thank you for completing this application. Deadline to submit this completed application
is Friday, March 20, 2020 at 11:59pm. If you have questions about this
scholarship application, please contact June Coleman, Blue Key Advisor, at